NFL bans jersey exchanging among players in 2020 season

NFL bans jersey exchanging among players in 2020 season

With looks of things, it seems we are over our heads to even think that we are out of the woods yet from COVID-19 pandemic. Recently we witnessed the ruthlessness of the virus following the easing of restrictions, which in the first place were introduced and enforced to curb the spread of coronavirus. Where everyone is supposed to stay at home, keep distance and sanitize but after months in lockdown, some states decided to uplift the lockdown.

Was it a good idea? At the moment the rate of infected people has sky rocked, creating another wave of infections.

Wonders shall never end after months of contingency plans laid out by the NFL to savage the 2020 season, despite the ongoing pandemic and most of their protocols are not that satisfying.

The NFL has been outlining guidance in previous occasions as coronavirus cases continue to spike throughout much of the nation, players may have little to worry about regarding on-the-field restrictions by the time we get to September.

On Thursday, NFL announced that exchanging jerseys between players is prohibited and also, they should interact within 6 feet of each other. It is seen as one safety measure that is fairly pointless and unhelpful.

The idea of disallowing jersey swap and the postgame exchange being prohibited is hardly a surprise, with the irony being the sport involves a lot of contact among players who tackle and breathe on each other while playing in the pitch. 

And after spending several hours tackling each other on the pitch, the league, hypocritically would not want to allow something as inessential as a jersey exchange to spread coronavirus.

Another issue that raised concern is wearing of masks, for the players to wear mask it will be absurd. So, the NFL made it exceptional for the players and coaches not to wear masks. But those in the sidelines and bench area will be mandated to wear masks.

However, we expected that coaches would be allowed or required to wear masks, especially since some of to the older coaches in the league, like Andy Reid, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick, could be risking their lives by participating in the season.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction to that announcement was one of confusion, with some NFL players responding on social media. Some dissatisfied by the NFL safety measures considering that they will be putting their health and that of their families and friends at risk by playing in the season.

Some criticizing the NFL for being money motivate for risking the players, coaches, staff just to see 2020 season happen and entertain others at the cost of others.

At the moment all we can do is wait and see how all this will unfold in the coming weeks and be optimistic that it goes well for the entire fraternity despite COVID-19 in our mist.

Let’s stay safe by working from home, keeping distance and sanitizing for each other sake to conquer this pandemic because together united nothing could be impossible.

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