Arizona Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill tests positive for COVID-19

Arizona Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill tests positive for COVID-19

After easing of restrictions on stay-home orders by the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey following the outbreak of coronavirus in measure to curb the spread of the virus among the residents of Arizona State. Turned out to be unprecedented because hospital caseloads have surged.

The total number of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 at the moment is 119,930 and setting a record of 3,485 patients who are hospitalized seeking medical care of coronavirus.

Arizona Cardinal owner Michael Bidwill became the first NFL team owner known to contract COVID-19. Joining other NFL high profile figures with the likes of Sean Payton, Ezekiel Elliott, and Von Miller who have contracted COVID-19.

Almost 10 teams have registered a positive COVID-19 case since mid-June, given the spike occurring in most states, and the numbers are expected to sky rock in the coming days.

The 55-year-old was traveling for the past few weeks on the East Coast. When he began experiencing symptoms seemingly of COVID-19. He was working remotely since the team’s facility was shut down in March and he didn’t come into contact with any coaches, players, or football staff.

Unfortunately, after getting tested for COVID-19, the results came positive, and hindering his doctor’s advice, he checked himself in a hospital in Rhode Island.

Luckily, the Cardinals fraternity are expecting Bidwill to be released from the hospital this weekend due to the fact that his symptoms have faded away. But the doctors will have the final say.

The news of Bidwill testing positive for COVID-19 shows how dangerous this virus can be for anyone regardless of age. And we should adhere to measures set by the government to curb the spread of the virus.

On the bright side, the Cardinals have been active in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They donated $1M to the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund a few months ago.

Bidwill has served as an executive for the Cardinals since 1996. In 2007 he took over from his father as the president after previously serving as vice-president and general counsel. 

Ever since he has been running the family-owned organization and following the death of his father, Bill Bidwill at the age of 88, in October 2019. Michael Bidwill became the team’s formal owner.

As for the rest of the NFL, the burning issue at hand is figuring out how to handle training camp. Which are scheduled to kick-off July 28, and the league is still planning to move forward with its 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the NFL having plenty of details to work on before starting the season, it is reported that they are working on an opt-out clause with the players union for players who do not want to participate.

For now, everything is a go as planned. But in reality, we need to be realistic because there is a new norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven to be a headache for many governments across the world. Many reopen then closes following the surging of the virus.

Let’s all of us be keen by keeping distance, sanitizing, and if possible, working from home.

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