2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes signs largest contract in sports history

2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes signs largest contract in sports history

They are no rumors anymore, On Monday the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes signed a mind-blowing 10-year, $477 million contracts in guarantee mechanisms and keeps him linked with the Chiefs through the 2031 season.

The deal shocked the world because it’s the type of contract that is usually reserved for Major League Baseball Players and in terms of the total value, the richest contract in sports history.

If Mahomes plays it to its conclusion, then he will not need to worry about his finances for several lifetimes. For it’s a good deal which deservedly has both the richest contract in NFL history and the richest.

It is unbelievable that ten years ago, the NFL’s richest contract belonged to the greatest quarterback of this generation Tom Brady’s September 2010 Patriots re-up of $72 million over four years. The future Hall of Famer’s third Patriots extension came during an era that featured salary cap uncertainty, which led to a stagnant market.

But over the years, modern quarterbacks have enjoyed a more player-friendly marketplace. In March 2018, Kirk Cousins became the league’s richest player and after that Russell Wilson with the deal of $35M per-year deal.

With the contract issue dealt with, between them and Mahomes, now is back to business as usual for the Chiefs to try to build a dynasty in a post-New England AFC.

The 25-year-old, back in 2018 earned regular-season MVP honors in his first year as a full-time starter and guided the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers and won the MVP award for his performance.

In 2019, Mahomes accounted for just 2.36% of Kansas City’s cap space, enabling the Chiefs in spending big on players like Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins. Having Mahomes at a discount rate in 2020, was the only reason for the return of stud defensive lineman Chris Jones back to the franchise tag. And the reason they can afford Watkins, Tyrann Mathieu and Tyreek Hill on the roster despite their cap hits.

After Mahomes record signing, the best player’s in the NFL will now be paid commensurate to their abilities and production.

But we could see a flat cap in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which the entire world of professional sports is tackling in taking in different measures by coming up with contingency plans to savage their 2020 season.

The scenario will depend on how the NFL and NFLPA solve this attendance-related dilemma, not forgetting that the NFLPA unanimously voted to recommend the NFL cancel the entire preseason.

The NFL has been coming up with contingency plans to keep the 2020 season going while the NFLPA has been contemplating on the outcome of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and are afraid that resuming of the league will lead to more infections of the players testing positive of coronavirus.

At the moment it all about Patrick Mahomes record-breaking contract and paving way for others to sign big.

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