Social media works to pull down Conspiracy theories linking COVID -19 to 5G radiation

Social media works to pull down Conspiracy theories linking COVID -19 to 5G radiation

The world is still struggling with COVID 19 which has now killed 529,212 people after infecting 11,198,212 across the world.

While the world is also still in expectation for a vaccine or approved prescription, there have also been conspiracy theories pushing for the source of this highly contagious virus that has rocked the world.

 Severally, the COVID-19 has been associated with 5G radiations.  It has been viral on social media that 5G radiation might be the cause of this new infectious disease that has left many economies declining.

 One post claimed that the Microsoft boss Bill gates invented the technology to depopulate the world while other claiming that the vaccines under development are just chips that are to be implanted in people and monitor their movements.

 Though there exist such associations, major health organizations have denounced the theories backing that 5G network is safe and there is no link between it and COVID-19.

 As the world was running into lockdowns and isolation, some protesters took to the street to protest against this 5G. During the reported protests, telecom workers were attacked and almost 100 mobile masts were set on fire.

 While such theories mount some pressure on the 5G, they have no origin or its endpoint, and Telkom has asked people to stop burning down towers.

Even though the Uk’s National medical director has called out such theories as complete and utter rubbish, it is still a threat Telkom broadband engineers and to the new installation of towers.

 What is so surprising is the top public figures around the world cultivating such theories that have no scientific proofs.

Keri Hilson, American singer with about 4.2 million followers on twitter, retweeted several linking the current world pandemic to 5G radiation.

He argued that what the world is going through is a result of 5G radiation which we have been warned several by different organizations, petitions, and studies.

Actor woody Harrelson was also one of the top public figures to foster 5G conspiracy theories. Through Instagram, said that he hasn’t fully vetted the 5G-COVID-19 rumors, but found it very interesting.

But now social media platform owners are working to pull down such false claims.

Last month, YouTube said it will remove all anti -5G videos. In a statement, they said that they are committed to providing timely and helpful information at this critical time, including raising authorities’ content, suppressing the spread of harmful miss-information, and displaying information panels, quoting NHS and WHO data, to help combat miss-information.

They added that, any post that is opposite the existence or transmission of COVID-19, as defined by local health authorities or WHO including such conspiracy theories linking 5G to COVID-19, violates YouTube Policies.

For Twitter, they have has started labeling videos containing the hoax with rightful content and Facebook has said it is pulling down posts erroneously linking 5G to the COVID-19.

In a statement, Facebook said that they are taking aggressive moves to curb misinformation and harmful posts from spreading on the platform and link users to correct information.

They added that under their existing policies against harmful, they have started to remain false claims which associate COVID-19 to 5G technology and which could lead to physical harm.

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