Australia closes Victoria-New South Wales Border amid spiking coronavirus

Australia closes Victoria-New South Wales Border amid spiking coronavirus

Australia is still fighting COVID-19, which has killed over 537,045 people after the infecting about 11,571,722 people on all continents around the world.

The country with about 25 million inhabitants is among other countries that are still witnessing an increase in new cases.

There have been a total of 8,586 cases with 106 deaths since reporting of the first case on January 25th, and amid the growing number of new cases in Melbourne, they have closed the border between the most populous states of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria.

In the past two weeks, Victoria has reported hundreds of cases that make up 95% of Australia’s new COVID-19 cases.

And since these states share open borders, the cases in both states can escalate, and as a precaution, the borders are to be closed starting this Wednesday.

The NSW authorities will be responsible for guarding the border crossing, and only authorized travelers will be allowed to cross the border. Those regular travelers who will apply for permission should also expect delays. In addition, all flights across the border will be canceled.

Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s premier, said the move was a joint decision between him and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Andrew said the step to close down the borders is one of the precautions that will help stem the spread of the virus.

He also admitted that the decision would be difficult for many people, but is necessary given the challenges the state faces to curb the spread of this virus. However, it remains unclear when the border will open again.

All in all, it remains a surprising announcement since both three leaders previously vowed not to close the borders because it was unnecessary, but now residents have to endure the situation resulting from the rise in new cases.

MS, Berejiklian was cited that the closure was unprecedented and had not been seen in Australia.

Previously, most of the country’s cases were due to overseas travelers returning home and being in quarantine.

And Victoria’s many of the reported cases came after tracing in quarantine hotels where the security forces were said not to follow all the rules where others interacting freely.

In early June, the state seemed about to curb the spread of the virus, but the 127 new cases reported on Monday changed the story. It was the highest daily increase since the first case was reported.

While this is the first time the NSW-Victoria border has been closed, it has shown some concern over the proliferation of COVID-19 in Victoria and beyond by both top and health authorities.

Although closing the border now has some economic and social implications, it was critical to do so.

The closing also poses some logistical challenges. It is said that there are more than 50 border crossings between these two neighboring states. To make it more difficult, there are some cities on the border, and in such cases, it can be difficult to break the inter-crossing.

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