All Teams received COVID-19 Protocols from NFL Training Camp

All Teams received COVID-19 Protocols from NFL Training Camp

The entire world is experiencing the new norm and trying new ideas to go about, especially the World of Professional Sports, including the NFL. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the NFL has been coming up with contingency plans to save the 2020 season.

The NFL team facilities were closed as a way to curb the spread of the virus and safeguarding the entire community as measures to keep distance was introduced. Team facilities were closed in March, and the league had to come up with a contingency plan for them to reopen, pending governmental permission.

In May, NFL outlined protocols for teams to reopen their facilities and allowed coaches to return. And now, those players are preparing to return to training camps by the end of July, to an environment with strict social distancing guidelines. The NFL submitted COVID-19 protocols to all the 32 teams for training camp and the preseason.

In the memo NFL detailed the steps that should be followed in the case any player or coach contracts coronavirus.

Some of the protocols to be followed;

  • Whoever comes in close contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 must be tested immediately.
  • In case anyone tests positive and shows no signs of the virus, they will be required not to return for ten days.
  • In the event one is positive and has the symptoms, they won’t be allowed back for ten days and must be kept away from the team facility and for at least 72 hours since symptoms last occurred.
  • Those with low or medium risk exposures are to be monitored for signs and tested under the standard testing schedule.
  • Those who test negative after being in contact and show no symptoms may return to the team facility but must be checked daily for eight days after that.
  • And the doctors must approve the return of anyone who tests positive.

In a statement from Goodell hinted that both the NFL and NFLPA finalized protocols of team travel, media, and treatment response. And came to agreement of not having a mandatory quarantine period during Training Camp.

Players will have to choose either to stay in hotels rooms provided by the team and wont be mandated to do so by the team.

Besides, if a team employee or club staff knowingly fail to follow these protocols, they will be subjected to discipline.

The league is discussing the idea of trimming rosters down to fewer than the current 90-man training camp rosters.

With the new cases of coronavirus being witnessed and the numbers spiking high in each day, NFL players are becoming increasingly concerned about their safety this season. So far, two preseason games have already been eliminated.

The NFL Players Association’s Team Representatives unanimously voted to recommend the NFL cancel the entire preseason.

At the moment it is unclear whether NFL will end the entire season, but as far as we have witnessed, we doubt that happening any time soon.

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