Texas makes face mask compulsory amid surging COVID-19 cases

Texas makes face mask compulsory amid surging COVID-19 cases

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has made it mandatory for facial masks in the state given the increasing COVID-19 cases. The order applies to all counties of 254 with more than 20 COVID-19 cases.

On Wednesday, the state saw an increase of more than 8,000 cases in a single day, compared to 2,400 previous cases in two weeks.

Cases are still expected to increase as the US prepares to celebrate the fourth weekend in July with beach inflation and firecrackers expected.

Worldwide, over 10,984,798 cases with 524,039 deaths have been reported, with the United States topping by 2,837,189 cases and 131,485 deaths.

During Governor Abbott’s announcement of the mask directive, he said that face wear would help keep Texas open to business.

While it was initially made clear that anyone who refused the order could be fine up to $ 250, the governor also spoke about the fact that nobody could ever be put in jail for failing to follow the order.

The governor stressed that COVID-19 has not been gone away and it is even getting worse.

He also warned of the overwhelmed intensive care unit in the hospital, pointing out that the state is at a point where the virus spreads so quickly and there is little scope for error.

Although the governor ordered the mandatory wearing of face masks, the order also contained some common-sense exceptions.

The regulation does not apply to children under ten years of age, and those who are struggling with breathing problems and therefore cannot wear face masks. More so, people who drink, eat, or exercise are also excluded from the order.

According to Masks4All, Texas is now one of the 21 states that have mandated the wearing of face masks in public.

However, the Texas Democratic Party has described the governor’s announcement as too little and far too late.

However, the announcement follows a series of steps. Initially, the state began to relax the lockdown measures taken to suppress new infections across the state.

The governor then ended his first stay at home on April 30, when many stores opened across the state in early June. Then the cases boomed last week and forced the governor to undo the reopening of the state, in which bars and some restaurants had to be closed.

While the United States has been working to open up the economy as a nation, the rising cases are now an obstacle not only in Texas but also in other 40 of the 50 states. Although nations have lost 14.7 million jobs due to this pandemic, several measures must be taken to control the new wave of infections.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 4.8 million jobs have been recovered from an opening recently observed in part of the country. However, it was still under the bar to cover unemployment and the worst thing is that everything has to be reset now to control the new infections.

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