Quarterback Cam Newton signs a one-year deal with New England Patriots

Quarterback Cam Newton signs a one-year deal with New England Patriots

After Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of this generation’s departure from Patriots as a free agent for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the offseason. Head coach for Patriots, Bill Belichick, who has led them to 9 Super Bowl Championship games and 6 of them as wins, was left with the underwhelming backups of Hoyer and Stidham.

On Sunday, Newton agreed on a one-year, incentive-laden deal with the Patriots after he was released in March by his former team the Panthers. The quarterback Cam Newton stood as the favorite to replace Tom Brady.

Newton, 31, is the 2015 NFL MVP and 3-time Pro Bowler but in recent years, he has struggled with injuries. He is ranked 30th in total quarterback due to spending a lot of time on the sidelines, but there is no doubt that he is still a high-end talent and a very intriguing addition to the Patriots.

In 2018, he made 14 starts and completing a career-best 67.9% of his throws for 3395 yards, 24 TDs, and rushing yards and four scores on 101 carries, missing out on two closing games for Panther courtesy of a bad shoulder. But last year, he was limited to only games due to a foot injury. Newton’s middle name has changed from Jerrell to fragile due to his combinations of injuries including his knee issue, rotator cuff problem, concussion, aches and pains since 2016.

Cam Newton is 6-foot-5, and 245 pounds whose game is built around charging through and over people, and the Patriots expect no less than that yet much from him when he gets a chance to display his talent on the field.

The Panthers nearly won it all for the four seasons with Newton playing for them, and they had a combined 23-23 record. And in March, Newton was released following the signing of Teddy Bridgewater as a free agent on a 3-year deal worth $63M after the Panthers failed to trade him to the Bears and Chargers and opted to save $19M+ in cap room versus $2M in dead money.

During the offseason after the Panthers dropped Newton in March, he was way down on the list of MVP betting lines. Now, he’s vaulted into the top of MVP odds all thanks for being a member of the Patriots.

Cam Newton has the experience and talent to help the Patriots transition following the departure of their legend Tom Brady who is the greatest quarterback of this generation. It is going to be a tough task for him to match-up, but if he stays healthy consistently, then he might pull it off and see himself win an MVP with his new team.

The hype around Newton’s signing with the Patriots is enormous over the past 48 hours, many suddenly anticipating significant outcomes from Newton and the Patriots in 2020. These extreme expectations have the entire Patriots on the pressure to deliver the best performance with impressive results going forward now that Cam Newton is on the team.

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