Iran issues arrest warrant for US President Trump

Iran issues arrest warrant for US President Trump

Iran has issued a warrant of arrest for Trump and others over the murder of Iranian General Soleimani in January by a drone attack.

Iran has also asked Interpol for help to arrest US President Donald Trump and other dozens of people involved in organizing the drone attack that killed General Soleimani near Baghdad International Airport.

On Monday, Tehran’s prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr, said that the US President, along with 30 or more others who have been linked to General Qassem’s murder, are all exposed to allegations of murder and terrorism.

The prosecutor, who didn’t name other allegations to be arrested, stressed that Iran would work to arrest Trump even when outside the presidential office.

Although Iran asked Interpol for help in arresting Trump, it declined to offer assistance stating that its constitution does not allow them to intervene in matters that involve activities of a political, military, religious, or racist nature. They added that even if such a request is sent from Iran to the General Secretariat, Interpol will not take it into account due to its nature.

Brian Hook, the United States’ ambassador to Iran, has described the Interpol statement, which is said to be from Lyon, France, as propaganda.

During his stay in Saudi Arabia, he said that the assessment made it clear that Interpol would not intervene and issue red communications based on a political nature.

He added that the issue was apolitical and had nothing to do with national security, international peace or the promotion of stability. Nobody should take it seriously as it is a propaganda stunt.

Alqasimehr also requested that a red notice, which is Interpol’s highest notice to be issued, be given to Trump and others in connection with the murder of the Iranian general. The red notice seeks the location and the arrest of the named persons.

In addition, the local authorities make arrests on behalf of the requesting country under the same red notice.

The notice does not, however, oblige the local authorities to arrest the named person, but can deploy local administrators on-site and even restrict the suspect’s trip.

Typically, Interpol meets to discuss whether or not to disclose the information to its member states after receiving a request of the same type. However, Interpol is under no obligation to publish such notices and they can choose whether to publish them on its website or not.

General Soleimani was responsible for the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Expeditionary Quds Force, and his murder created tensions between the United States and Iran. Though Iran returned the murder by beating American troops stationed in Iraq, they vowed to take further revenge over the death of their general.

The United States has urged the United Nations to extend the embargo prohibiting Iran from buying fighter jets, tanks, and warships and which is about to expire. For Iran, President Hassan Rouhani said that 2020 is the most difficult year for his country amid the American economic pressure campaign and the coronavirus pandemic.

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