Patriots Fined $1.1 Million and Lose Draft Pick for Illegally Filming Game

Patriots Fined $1.1 Million and Lose Draft Pick for Illegally Filming Game

The NFL fined New England Patriots $1.1 million for illegally filming a game. They were also stripped of their third-round pick in the 2021 draft among other punishments.

The harsh move by the NFL was after Patriots’ television crew filmed the field and sideline game on December 8 between Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. One week after the inappropriately filming saw Bengals losing to the Patriots the following week and lost 34-13.

Somehow many believed the illegal filming was to capture the tactics Bengals use, but for officials from Patriots confirmed that the filming was not intended for such purpose.

Patriot’s television production crew will continue to face more punishments for that illegally filming. The team will not be allowed to shoot or record any games during the 2020 season that is yet to be confirmed whether it will still go on amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, senior officials from the Patriots are expected to undergo further training that’s mandatory on game policies and legal operations.

The sports world was shut down in early March this year after the world recorded the highest cases of the coronavirus. Currently, this deadly virus has affected more than 10.4 million people and taken the lives of over half a million people (+508k).

The good news despite the COVID-19 outbreak is that there are now more than 5.6 million people globally who have recovered from the virus. We anticipate the return of all games in due time as the world learns or adjusts to living a prudent life of social distancing and wearing masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Football is back as we have seen English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and other sports resume to finish the 2020 season.

On the other hand, the NFL is still determined to go on with their schedule, and training camps are expected to resume on July 28, 2020.

But for the Patriots, they will continue the 2020 season with heft punishments as it was confirmed by the NFL spokesperson Michael Signora on Sunday night. The NFL has also banned David Mondillo who was terminated by the Patriots before the league’s punishment from facilities until further notice.

The Patriots confirmed that the team would not be contesting the penalties according to their spokesperson.

However, New England Patriots have admitted to wrongly filming by their production crew during that said field and sideline game. The team was shooting a video for “Do Your Job” series, and the Cleveland Browns credentialed them, but they didn’t inform their opponents, Cincinnati Bengals.

The Patriots called it unintended oversight that has now caused them a lot of punishments from the league. They also added that the production crew that shot the video are not part of New England’s football operation.

New England Patriots released a statement saying that the sole purpose of the filming was to illustrate an advanced scout at work on the road, and there was no intention of using the footage for any other purpose.

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