Taliban militants rewarded to kill American and Britain troops

Taliban militants rewarded to kill American and Britain troops

European intelligence officials have claimed that Taliban fighters have been rewarded by Russian intelligence officers with cash for killing British and US troops.

However, the official did not clarify why the Taliban militant was rewarded for killing British US troops but added that it was a question of the coalition’s causalities.

Neither was it stated when causalities, their number or nationality existed, or whether they were deaths or injuries.

The official said that the GRU’s stubborn approach was astounding and reprehensible, and its motivation was confusing.

According to the New York Times, US intelligence stated that Russian military intelligence offered bounties as part of peace talks months ago.

The report cited that US President Donald Trump had already been informed of the matter in late March.

However, White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany denied in a statement that either the US President or his deputy had been informed of the matter.

However, McEnany made it clear that his statement only unmasked the inaccuracy of the New York Times Story, which alleged that Trump had been informed of the matter, and stressed that it did not speak for the alleged intelligence’s merit. He did not contest the validity of the reported US intelligence agency that the Taliban were paid to kill American and British troops.

John Ratcliffe, director of the National Intelligence Service, said in a statement late Saturday that neither the president nor his vice had been informed. He added that the White House statement that addressed the inaccuracy in the story of the New York Times was correct.

CNN contacted the Office of the Director of the National Secret Service, the Department of Defense, and the CIA for some comments on the matter but bared no fruits.

After the Trump administration held a detailed briefing on the intelligence assessment this week and shared the information with the British government, both officials are considering a possible response, according to the New York Times, that could include a diplomatic complaint to Moscow. The White House has yet to clarify this.

On Friday, the Russian-American embassy in Washington DC condemned the New York Times report on the grounds that it was an unfounded accusation that had given rise to death threats against Russian diplomats in London and Washington.

The embassy wrote on Twitter that there is no reason to blame Russians for fake New York stories.

The Taliban itself has denied the allegations that it has been rewarded for attacking American and British troops in Afghanistan.

Militia groups spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group strongly rejects the allegation, adding that the Islamic Emirate’s 19-year-old jihad is not committed to the charity of any intelligence agency or foreign country.

The allegations reported are now changing the story that could ruin the Washington-Moscow relationship that Trump has worked to promote.

Trump and his government, who claim that they were tougher against Russia than previous governments, are now pointing to U.S. sanctions against Russia.

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