China re-imposes strict lockdown in Beijing

China re-imposes strict lockdown in Beijing

It remains to be explained that the world has not yet suppressed the spread of the highly infectious disease COVID-19, which has killed over 504,520 people worldwide after 10,251,173 infections

And since neither a vaccine nor a cure for this contagious coronavirus that causes breathing problems has been declared effective, things are going the other way.

China is one of the countries that appeared to have controlled the spread of this COVID-19 and were the first to lift restrictions to curb the spread.

However, they have been forced to re-impose strict measures in Beijing, a province with almost half a million inhabitants, to contain a new wave of infections.

China, which was the first to confirm the first cases, has had 83,512 positive cases and 4,634 deaths so far.

Although the country had largely controlled the virus, hundreds of new infections have been reported in Beijing and neighboring Hubei province in recent weeks.

And on Sunday, Chinese officials warned that the outbreak was still serious and complicated.

 They said that Anxin County, which is about 150 km from Beijing, is completely enclosed and controlled, just like Wuhan was controlled during the peak of this pandemic in the country.

In Beijing and some neighboring provinces, only one person in each family is allowed to go out once a day to buy necessities that may include food or medicines, according to the country’s pandemic prevention task force.

The ban has been announced after Beijing registers another 14 new cases within 24 hours. This adds up to 311 new cases that have been registered since mid-June.

In Beijing, the outbreak was first registered in Xinfadi, one of its food wholesale markets, which supplies a large part of the fresh products.

It has been claimed that a third of the new cases come from a beef and mutton section of the market, and workers are now serving their one-month mandatory quarantine.

 Some of the cases come from Anxin County, where 11 cases are related to Xinfadi, according to the Global Times.

These new cases are now triggering fears across the country that previously appeared to have suppressed the spread by gaining control of the new infections.

And there are now mass tests of the wholesale market workers, the restaurant workers and residents of the provinces with medium and high infection risks.

During the press conference that same Sunday, Chinese officials said 8.3 million samples had been collected and 7.7 million had already been tested.

And now the tests have been extended to all employees of the city’s beauty salons and hairdressing salons.

 The city official has warned people against leaving the city and has closed schools and locked dozens of residential buildings to curb the new infections.

Although chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou, who works at the Disease Control and Prevention Center, told reporters last week that new infections had already been suppressed, the current data invalidated his testimony.

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