The US House of Representatives passes a law to reform the police force

The US House of Representatives passes a law to reform the police force

The US House of Representatives voted to pass the law reforming the police force.

The Democrats, who are many in the House of Representatives, voted 236-81 in favor of the measure on Thursday evening, mainly along the party line.

The bill was named after George Floyd, an unarmed black American who died in police custody. The incident raised tensions not only in Minneapolis but also in the United States and escalated to the international level, with many protesting against US embassies around the world.

Although the Democrats voted in the bill, US President Donald Trump has vetoed the measure.

The surprise, his Republicans in the Senate have drawn up their own far-reaching bill.

The George Floyd bill has been drafted in Minneapolis since the first month after his death.

George Floyd’s bill will personally make police officers liable for damage in legal proceedings. It also proposes a ban on arrest warrants, which are often used by the police in drug raids, and it will stop the flow of excess military equipment to police stations.

During the voting process, three Republicans crossed the party lines and voted in the bill.

The same is not expected in the Senate because the Republicans have refused to accept the House version. They have argued that the bill is an overreach that would undermine law enforcement.

In both cases, although both parties have their own proposals for the bill, this would restrict police throttles, introduce new training procedures, expand the use of body cameras, and establish a national registry for officials accused of misconduct.

There were some differences. Democrats disagreed with Republicans’ proposals that they would not protect black Americans, arguing that their only aim was to rely on survey data and financial incentives for the state and local police and to adopt reforms themselves.

The Senate Democrats did not vote on Wednesday to open the debate on their legislation.

All in all, the bill will not disappoint the police or pass this expense on to other departments, which has been the main demand of many black life matter activists.

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at a gathering with the black Congress caucus on the Capitol steps that it was exactly a month since George Floyd’s last words, I cannot breathe and which has now transformed the course of history.

Elsewhere, Hakeem Jeffries, a New York Democrat, said that now in America every black mother and black father has to talk to their child about what to do if the police approach them.

Republican, Debbie Lesko who also spoke said all life is important and Glen Grothman was quoted as saying that they don’t want to talk about when white people are killed.

The surprise was when Tim Scott, the only black American in the Senate and author of the chambers, failed to reform the police, accused the Democrats of pursuing a pure racial politics before the upcoming parliamentary elections in November.

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