EU plans to open external borders

EU plans to open external borders

EU ambassadors this Wednesday, have been met to discuss on how to reopen external borders starting 1st of July. Different EU members are having a different perspective on the opening of the borders where others are keen while other wary of the fear amid this contagious virus that has now killed 481,011 people worldwide.

In the meeting, the measures that non-EU members must first meet to be on the safe list will be discussed.

And It is rumored that the US will be barred from the safe list because COVID-19 is still spreading in the country.

Also, nations such as Russia, Brazil, and others that are still seeing higher rates of COVID-19 infection will be excluded from the safe list. The EU’s health agency has also listed Peru, Panama, Chile, and Saudi Arabia as countries with the highest infection rate.

Even though, the EU is yet to agree on what are the measures that a country must meet in assessing whether it is should be included on the safe list.

There is a challenge to compare the infection rates in different countries with some using different criteria in counting the new cases and deaths.

Countries such as Russia and the US are said to have a lower number of cases per 100,000 of its citizens. However, it is still higher than most of the European countries.

In US 2,432,978 cases and 123,589 deaths have been reported so far and there are still surging cases in some states across the country.

The EU ambassadors will only safely mark those nations with infection rates comparable to or better than the EU member’s average. Also, the trend in new infections as well as testing and tracing will be considered.

There are reports that the member states are preparing two different safelists. The first list is for those nations with fewer than 16 cases per 100,000 of its citizens and the second list is those nations with up to 20 cases per 100,000 of its citizens. The lists will be updated on a weekly bases and the US might be added later.

It has been also said that the reciprocity and links to the EU are as well be considered.

Spain is keen to open its borders to neighboring Morocco but France is considering opening its borders to reciprocated nations.

Though it seems practical to prepare the list of safe countries, with just a simple criterion, those countries outside the EU and Schengen area with higher rates of infection rate will be excluded and if the rate is similar or lower than the EU average then you are included.

However, there are still some challenges and it is not that simple to reach the conclusion. Many are considering the decision political and economic.

The major aim to open the border was to allow in tourism which is much needed in producing revenue to boost the economy of its members which have on the side of declining due to different mitigation measures enacted to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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