Dr. Fauci Believes NFL Resume is An Impossible to Call Action

Dr. Fauci Believes NFL Resume is An Impossible to Call Action

On Tuesday, the director of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), Dr. Antony Fauci said that whether an NFL season or even the college football season resumes, this fall is still much impossible to call because there are ongoing cases of COVID-19 pandemic.

Such remarks from Fauci came after his previous comments, where he argued that football must enact a “bubble” format to be able to resume this autumn. The doctor further added that the NFL decision on playing the season would be very much possible with decreasing cases of the coronavirus.

So far, this deadly virus has affected more than 9.3 million people and over 479 deaths globally. Still, there is no effective vaccine to cure or curb further spread of the coronavirus that had its first case in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

Early this year in March, the sports world was disrupted and postponed. However, we have had major sports like football resuming this June. Bundesliga in Germany was the first major football tournament to resume. Now, we have the likes of Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain), and Premier League (England) playing their matches in empty stadiums to finish the current season.

So, when it comes to NFL comeback return, Fauci maintains that the situation will be mostly dictated by the dynamic of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, which currently has over 2.4 million cases and more than 123k deaths as a result of the coronavirus.

Fauci remarked that everyone would want to see infection levels dramatically decreasing and in good control of any resurgence evidence. He believes that officials of the league in consultation with the players will make paramount decisions that will see NFL resuming very soon.

On Thursday last week, the NIAID director said that players must act in a bubble-insulated from the community and be subjected to tests every day. This was going to make it hard for football to play this fall. He was talking about a second wave, that has a high possibility to occur, would make football not happen this year because of the predicable flu season.

Fauci’s latest remarks come after they were misinterpreted, and he had to clarify what he meant by saying that on being approached by the NFL for advice, he provided the much-needed information from a public health standpoint. He concluded that the ultimate decision to resume the NFL seasons depends on the NFL officials and the players themselves.

Dr. Antony Fauci said that he only provided advice based on data and science, and he is certainly not the one to make the final call whether the NFL league resumes or not.

The NFL Players Association has released a statement encouraging their players to cease private workouts. The announcement came after players from San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Denver Broncos tested positive for COVID-19.

The only thing we know for now is that NFL training camps are set to begin in late July.

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