Finally Saddle Bronc Rider Cort Scheer ready to compete

Finally Saddle Bronc Rider Cort Scheer ready to compete

For the past five months, Cort Scheer has been suffering from a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee after gaining the injury while competing at the Powder River Rodeo.

“The horse kind of reared around the post there and kind of rubbed me off on the post, and I tore my knee up a little bit, and that injury was just a fluke deal. That’s an awesome horse who has been to the NFR a bunch of times. I dang sure would be excited to draw her again,” said Scheer,34.

Scheer consulted his doctor and saw no need to have surgery because 70% was successful, and he opted to relax his left knee while exercising a little. And now his knee is much better.

For three months, Scheer had to wear a brace on his knee but took it off as he continued therapy. And soon enough, after two months, he was back riding again. However, he was able to build a horse barn, giving insight into his experience while copulating, insisting that therapy was very productive in his recovery. Also, he indulged in horse riding, which turned out to do his body great help.

The cancellation of the Rodeo in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic came through into Scheer’s favor by giving him time for his knee to heal.

On June 10, straight from injury, Scheer competed in Flying Solo at the Beutler & Son Rodeo and gaining a 77-point.

He has to compete twice this month, first at Jordan (Mount.) and lastly at the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott.

Scheer is skeptical about being back in doing what he does best and most passionate about despite the hurdles along the way to his full recovery. And he couldn’t hide the enjoy of being able to compete again, promising to give it all the best he got in the arena.

At the moment, Scheer’s focus is on improving in all the competitions that the NFR offer and he is determined to show his best and hoping to leave a mark after competing. And it is going to be breathtaking once again to see Cort Scheer ride again and embrace us with his skills.

Last year, in the PRCA | RAM World Standings, Scheer stood at number 19 with $72813. But after having more time in his hands, it got him re-thinking and strategizing, and we can’t wait to see how this year ends for Scheer.

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