Spain removes border restrictions in the middle of COVID-19

Spain removes border restrictions in the middle of COVID-19

In the midst of the coronavirus, which has killed over 470,000 people worldwide, many things have been resumed that had previously been stopped due to various mitigation measures. The top football leagues in Europe have now been resumed and are running. Although cases are still on the rise, in addition to the 9,000,000 cases registered worldwide, countries have taken into account the impact that various mitigation restrictions have on the economy.

Spain, the third-largest affected country in Europe and the sixth worldwide with over 293,584 confirmed cases and 28,324 deaths, has called back its state of emergency and re-opened its borders, which were closed to curb the spread of this highly infectious disease, which ended up being the last in China Year.

Visitors from most parts of Europe and neighboring countries can travel into the country without the need to quarantine.

The country was in one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe to curb the spread of COVID-19. The country has been in a state of emergency since March 14, and in the past few weeks, people have not even been allowed to play sports. Children were also not allowed to go out.

But things have changed and that the country will now see some freedom. However, the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned that compliance with hygiene is still mandatory.

The step to open the borders comes at a crucial time of the year when people need to go for summer vacation.

 Spain normally attracts 80 million tourists a year and opening the border before the summer season seems crucial and will boost the economy, which is severely affected by this COVID-19. It has been reported that tourism accounts for more than 12% of the country’s GDP.

But even if the border has been opened to the rest of the EU and the Schengen area outside the EU, those arriving will have their temperature checked. Also, they will indicate the state if they had the virus and their contact details.

Also, all of this implies that the Spaniards can once again enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere in their own country.

But they will still maintain social distance, where they have to be 1.5 m apart in public gatherings, have face covers while using public transportation or shopping. They also have to clean their hands and ensure a high level of hygiene.

Although travel restrictions in Spain have now been lifted, some airports are yet to be fully operational. One of the airports is the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport, only Terminal 4 is open and there are only a limited number of flights.

Spain is not just a European country that is finally abolishing and easing some of the restrictions. In France, millions of students are expected to go back to school on Monday after being home for about three months for fear of the coronavirus.

Cinemas throughout the country will reopen this Monday, and the top Seria A football league in Italy was resumed last Saturday.

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