Gangs smash shops and attack the police in Stuttgart riot

Gangs smash shops and attack the police in Stuttgart riot

Amid the riots triggered after the officers searched a 17-year-old for drugs, a group of people broke shop windows, ransacked and attacked police vehicles in central Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg.

It was reported that during rioting in this capital with over 6000 people, 19 police officers were injured as well as 24 rioters arrested.

Also, it was reported that over 500 people were involved, with the German police describing the incidence as completely out of control and that it seemed like real rioting.

In the central palace square, an iconic parade ground lined with lawns, around 200 people crowded against the officers and hurled bottles and stones at them.

The recordings showed crowds of people with masks and hoods storming in and out of broken shop. The crowd were mainly targeting the clothing, jewelry, and phone stores. It has been reported that at least forty stores have been broken into and at least nine ransacked.

It started in small numbers, which slowly escalated into a real rioting. The controllable crowd started attacking shop windows on the nearby shopping street, tearing paving stones from the floor and hurling them through windows.

Some teenagers recorded videos on the anarchic front and shared them on social media accompanying rap music.

One of the recorded clips showed a lone officer being kicked to the ground who was trying to arrest another rioter while surrounded by other rioters.

Moreover, it was confirmed that at least 12 vehicles were badly damaged. Rioters picked up bats and dropped projectiles on a police car, these vans were damaged and

Although around 280 heavily armored officers were deployed to quell the rioting that was escalating, it took some time for things to get under control.

The investigation in underway to ascertain exactly what caused the chaos.

Stuttgart Police Vice President Thomas Berger said in a statement that he had been a police officer for 30 years and had many encounters, but what happened in Stuttgart was different.

He added that he was shocked that he had never seen anything where the scale of the violence was unprecedented.

Mayor Fritz Kuhn also tweeted on Sunday that he was shocked by the violent outbreak. He described the incident as the sad Sunday for Stuttgart and promised to investigate it thoroughly.

He added that such behavior was unacceptable, regardless of whether it was because of alcohol or incitement through social media.

Police chief Frank Lutz suggested that the situation had been tense for the past three to four weeks. He described that people from the party and event scene in Stuttgart were drunk in public and assumed an aggressive and isolating tone against the police on social media.

Local politicians and citizens have also expressed their shock, while others say the extent of the killing spree has been unprecedented for Stuttgart in recent years.

Meanwhile, the situation in the capital appears to be under control with everything looking cool.

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