China claims the disputed Galwan Valley

China claims the disputed Galwan Valley

China has claimed that the controversial Galwan Valley, in which its troops were involved in a fatal clash with Indian troops, lies on its territory.

The soldiers from these two neighboring countries were reported to have been involved in a physical battle in which 20 Indian soldiers died.

And on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a statement that the controversial Galwan Valley, which is part of the Ladakh regions, is on Chinese territory, according to the Actual Control Line (LAC), De -facto boundary between these two neighbors.

On this poorly demarcated border, the troops of these two countries have waged an eyeball-to-eyeball conflict more than once. Army officers and diplomats have held a number of meetings to end the impasse without a breakthrough. The June 15 clash resulted in deaths for the first time.

No fire was used in the collision because soldiers were fighting with clubs, stones and their fists. Even though the soldier was carrying firearms, neither side dared to open the fire. It was a limitation from the previous peace agreement that it was determined that firearms should not be used at the border.

Zhao also accused India of violating the LAC agreement between the two countries on June 6. He accused Indians of deliberately provoking New Delhi.

He added that the rights and injustices are very clear and the responsibility lies entirely with the Indian side. Through a series of his tweets, Zhao masks that India has unilaterally built roads, bridges, and other facilities in the region.

However, this statement contradicts that of Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, who claimed that the fight arose after the Chinese side tried to build a structure in the Galwan Valley that was on their side of the LAC.

It has been reported that some Indian soldiers are still missing, but officials have denied that none of their soldiers are in Chinese detention.

On Saturday, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said while refereeing to China’s claims against the Galwan Valley that the Chinese side’s attempts to make exaggerated and unsustainable claims about the LAC are unacceptable.

In a statement, he added that they do not match China’s own position in the past, and Indian troops have not crossed the LAC and have been patrolling the area for a long time.

He accused China of hindering India’s normal, traditional patrol pattern in the face-triggering area.

Speaking to his Indian colleague at the start of this week, Foreign Minister Wang Yi asked India to conduct a thorough investigation into the event and reprimand those who should be held responsible. Yi also called for the end of all provoking actions.

India, for its part, originally said the incident was prompted after Chinese soldiers traversed the border at three different points, set up camps and guard posts, and ignored several exit warnings which led to, stone-throwing and fistfights.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, seemed to downplay the incident and denied that there had been an invasion of Indian territory.

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