Trump administration moves to stop publication of Bolton’s book

Trump administration moves to stop publication of Bolton’s book

A book that is to be published by John Bolton, an ex-national security adviser is now facing barriers from Trump’s administration who have labeled it as damaging. In the book, John Bolton alleges that Donald Trump besought help from China to win the coming 2020 re-election.

The Trump administration is pushing back the publication of this book claiming it is made up of lies and fake stories.

Some constitutional experts have regarded the move to stop the publication of this book as unsuccessful because some extracts from it are already in circulation.

The book, titled, The Room Where It Happened, is expected to be available for buyers by 23 of June. And in the book, the author draws a picture of a president whose decision making has been by the wish to win the re-election.

However, it is claimed that many of the assertions are based on private conversations and are unbearable to ascertain.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump tweeted that many of the ridiculous statements, Bolton tries to attribute about him in the book were never made and it is pure fiction.

The book is highly anticipated with the fact that Bolton himself has been a top-ranking figure as the president’s top security advisor and now seems to know a lot about trump.

In this damaging book, as Trump administration refers, it has been revealed that the president sought help from chines president to win the re-election and stressed the importance of farmer as well as increased the chines purchase of soybeans.

Bolton, also wrote that china’s erection of internet camps in the Xinjiang region was the ideal thing to do.

Also, President Trump was agreeable to get involved in criminal investigation to in effect spring personal favors to dictators he liked. Similarly, the US president said invading Venezuela would be cool and that the South American nation was part of the United States. Too, Trump was unaware that Uk was a nuclear power and once inquired a senior aid if Finland was part of Russia.

With all these claims though yet to be substantiated, Trump administration argues that the publication of the book moved forward even before it was properly vetted.

The justice department in a filing said that the book still contains classified information. They added that the book has some details of the information that when published can cause serious damage or grave damage to the national security of the United States.

On a similar ground, the white house filed another lawsuit against Bolton earlier this week.

However, the publisher of the book, Simon and Schuster has rejected the allegations and called the filing a frivolous, politically motivated exercise in futility.

Ben Wizner of the American civil liberties Union in a stamen said any bid to stop the release of the book is doomed to fail.

The Republicans claim that that it is all about a disgruntled employee trying to sell books while Democrats have said the book would have come early during impeachment hearing.

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