India and China clash in a border row

India and China clash in a border row

India and Chinese troops clashed across a distributed border area in the Himalayas, resulting in the killing of at least 20 Indian troops. The fight occurred in the steep, rocky terrain of the Galway Valley.

According to Indian media, soldiers on both sides were fighting direct hand-to-hand combat, of which some were beaten to death. A newspaper reported that some soldiers were pushed or fell into the river during the fight.

The clash was over the structure China was trying to build within the Indian territory, and Chinese soldiers were the first to attack. It was the first fatal crash on the controversial border in at least 45 years.

China has not yet released a statement on its causalities. However, some unconfirmed sources in India reported that at least 40 Chinese soldiers died and some other Indian soldiers were missing.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the death of Indian soldiers will not be in vain and that India would be proud that its soldiers died fighting the Chinese.

While addressing the confrontation in a television speech on Wednesday, he added that India wants peace, but when provoked, there may be an appropriate answer, no matter what the situation.

The Indian statement says that China has tried to build a structure on the Indian side of the de facto border in the strategically important Galwan Valley.

It described the action as a deliberate and planned action that was directly responsible for the outcome of violence and causality. It also asked China to take corrective action.

The Chinese statement says the country has again protested strongly against India and asked the Indian side to launch a thorough investigation.

The statement also asked India to stop all provocative measures to ensure that the same incidence does not recur.

Defense analyst Ajai Shukla said some Indian soldiers are missing and work is underway to release them from Chinese detention.

In this clash, it said that the Indian soldiers were massively outnumbered by chines soldiers. According to one senior Indian military officer, there were 55 Indians verses 300 Chinese.

The officer, who preferred to hide his identity, said Chinese soldiers hit Indian soldiers on the head with metal sticks wrapped in barbed wire. Indian soldiers had no choice but to fight with their bare hands.

The allegations that could not be verified at the moment are consistent with other allegations in the Indian media report.

This clash has provoked protests in India and it has been reported that demonstrators have been seen burning the Chinese flags.

This is not the first time that there have been clashes between these two neighbors. These two neighbors have a history of encounters and overlapping territorial claims along the poorly drawn LAC borders that separate the two sides. The surprise that these two nuclear-armed neighbors once fought on the border without conventional firearms.

And if long term solution is not going to be drafted by diplomats from both sides, clashes will continue to be seen at this narrow border.

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