Image emerge of nail-studded rods used in Indian-Chinese border row

Image emerge of nail-studded rods used in Indian-Chinese border row

A picture has emerged showing metal rods with nails that are believed to be used by Chinese soldiers in border rows with Indian soldiers. On Monday, these two neighbors clashed at the border point of the Galwan Valley, causing the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and tension between the two powers.

While India recognized the causalities, China did not and both sides accused each other of the incursion. The poorly demarcated border, which tends to shift topographically, has exceptionally led to conflicts between these two neighbors.

On Thursday, a picture of a crude weapon believed to be used during the Monday border raw, circulated on social media. It was passed on by a senior Indian military official to BBC.

The image of the raw weapon was spread across Twitter across India and sparked outrage among many of the country’s social media users. However, no official from either side commended on it.

Defense analyst Ajai Shukla was the first to tweet the picture and described the use of such raw weapons as barbarism.

There was no fire opening in the clashes. The use of no fire dates back to 1996 when it was agreed between the two neighbors that weapons and explosives should not be used on this controversial border. This was a measure to prevent the tension from rising to another level when the fire would be opened.

The troops were reported to collide on the ridges, nearly 14,000 feet high, located along a steep terrain. While the ridges were so high, some soldiers fall into the fast-moving Galwan River with sub-zero temperatures.

Although there have been clashes on this controversial border, the Monday raw led to deaths for the first time in at least 45 years.

China has not recognized any causalities, but some unconfirmed sources in India said that at least 40 Chinese soldiers died.

Also, there have been some reports claiming that some Indian soldiers are still missing, but officials from India said that all of their soldiers have been held accountable.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian confirmed that it started when the Indian soldiers crossed the border twice and provoked the Chinese force, triggering a confrontation between the two forces.

China claimed sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region on Wednesday, which India tamed it as exaggerated as well as refuted it as untenable.

As a result of Tensions caused on Monday, it has led to protests from members of both sides, while officials have spoken cautiously and have taken a diplomatic approach to resolve the conflict.

The Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Anurag Srivastava, said there were phone calls between foreign ministers from both sides and that it was agreed that the overall situation would be handled responsibly.

He added that exaggerated and unsustainable claims go against this understanding.

The Indian government statement previously accused China of deliberate and planned measures that were the main cause of the clash. While the Chinese started demanded India to conduct a thorough investigation and stop all provocative measures to stem the possibility of the same happening again.

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