Trump signs executive orders to reform the police force

Trump signs executive orders to reform the police force

In the past few weeks, the United States had a major protest in its history over the death of George Floyd, a black American who was in police custody. And now Trump has signed an executive order that will force some reforms in the police force. There were also some calls to the US President to dismantle and defund the police, but he declined.

He said the common ground had to be found, but firmly opposed the radical and dangerous efforts to defund, dismantle and dissolve the police departments.

He added that without the police, there is no chaos and Americans believe they need to increase transparency, improve accountability, and invest more resources in police training, recruitment, and engagement.

The signed executive orders provide grants to improve police practice, including the creation of a database to monitor abuses by police officers. The order comes after several cities in the US have recommended more deep-seated reforms.

On Tuesday at the white house, the US President said that he had met several black American families who had lost their loved ones, including the relatives of Botham Jean, Antwon Rose, and Ahmad Arbury.

When the order was signed, the President gave in a little. The president, who described himself as the President of Law and Order, had been hard on protesters, but it was a surprise on Tuesday when he talked about changes in the police force.

However, he also defended the police and condemned those who looted and damaged properties.

Mr. Donald Trump spoke used dramatic language to express his concern about justice. He also described the instructions, saying that some officials, for example, will now be going together with social workers when they go out to help drug addicts or the homeless.

The president also spoke with more passion for the economy.

The surprise, the White House was full of employees who did not wear the mask Just like the President himself. They tried to convey the message that the nation is slowly returning to normal.

All of this is happening after a series of demonstrations not only in the United States but around the world, demanding justice for Mr. Floyd’s death. There was also a new outrage after the death of another black man, Rashard Brooks, who after being shot dead during an Atlanta arrest last Friday.

The president has also condemned George Floyd’s death, but has rejected suggestions of deep-seated racism in police forces and described the Atlanta incident as very disturbing.

It also comes at a time when Democrats and Republicans are drafting their reforms in Congress.

All in all, the Executive Regulation is designed to incentivize police authorities to improve by tying some federal grants to best practices. A federal database with complaints against civil servants is being created. It will also promote the use of social workers alongside officials to treat non-violent cases of drug addiction and homelessness.

And it will mean that the police will be brought close to the people.

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