Dallas Cowboys Superstar Ezekiel Elliott Tests Positive for COVID-19

Dallas Cowboys Superstar Ezekiel Elliott Tests Positive for COVID-19

As several states in the USA, prepare to ease on lockdown by beginning to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic slowly. After months of being shut down, the curve has somewhat been flattened; it remains to be seen whether a second wave is imminent.

The State of Texas is opening more quickly than others, and this has opted to increase or rise in cases recently of coronavirus. Unfortunately, members of Houston Texan and the Dallas Cowboys may have been affected by this recent spike. According to reports, several Texan players and Cowboy players have tested positive for the coronavirus. None of the players is believed to have been in their team facilities, and the teams have been following the proper health protocols.

Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott has tested positive for the coronavirus according to his agent Rocky Arceneaux. Due to privacy laws, the Cowboys were not able to comment on Elliott’s diagnosis or name the other players who had tested positive.

But shortly after news broke that members of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans tested positive for COVID-19, Ezekiel Elliot got upset about his story going public after his agent confirmed that he had contracted the coronavirus. But Elliot is asymptomatic and doing well.

Elliot is referring to the privacy law that the Cowboys appeared to cite to deny comment initially. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law that prevents health care professionals from revealing sensitive patient information publicly without the patient’s consent or knowledge. He appears to have an issue with the media in the case reporting the news, which is not a HIPAA violation.

Last month, Dr. Allen Sill who is the NFL chief medical officer said that they expect to have some positive cases, and the challenge would be to identify them as quickly as possible and prevent the spread.

This past weekend, the number of people in Texas hospitalized from the coronavirus hit a record high of 2287. The State has continued to move forward with its reopening plans, with restaurants being allowed to increase capacity to 75% and almost all businesses permitted to operate with 50% capacity on Friday.

So far, Texas has conducted more than 1.4 million tests, aggressively targeting specific areas. Earlier this month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided to transition into phase 3 of reopening. In this order, Abbott permitted sports venues among other businesses.

Just last week, the NFL sent a memo from Commissioner Roger Goodell to clubs detailing several protocols safety measures such as locker room setups, social distancing guidelines and how to host workouts. The NFL is hopeful for business to return as usual in the near future, but with that will come positive tests. It will be an interesting case study to see if Clubs can control the spread among members of the team, staff and if these new developments will halt any further progress regarding reopening facilities. Let us all stay safe as we wait to see if the season will begin as scheduled.

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