France continues to relax the COVID 19 restrictions

France continues to relax the COVID 19 restrictions

It is not yet a moment to explain that the world has overcome the negative effects of the coronavirus, which is shaking the state’s economies. Worldwide over 7,998,006 positive cases with 433,697 deaths have been registered, and yet new cases are reported daily. This is bare evidence that we haven’t dealt with this highly infectious disease since it broke out in China late last year.

Many countries around the world are running impatiently to secure their declining economies, with some already abolishing mitigation measures, while others plotting to ease in the coming few days, even if there is still no approved cure or vaccination.

Many institutions and research centers have joined the race to find a solution to this contagious virus around the world, and Moderna, based in Cambridge, has recently raised some hopes with its vaccine, which is now in the third phase of testing.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, with over 157,220 positive cases and 29,407 deaths, has announced to further relax the coronavirus restrictions introduced as a remedy for this virus, which causes breathing problems in patients.

In the country, cafés and restaurants can now be reopened, and outside travel is also permitted.

Besides, people are now allowed to visit their family members in retirement homes that were so susceptible to this new world disease.

During a televised speech on Sunday, the French said the country had won its first victory, but warned that the virus could return. He warned that this should not mean that the virus has disappeared and that the guard should be dropped.

He added that as of Monday the country will be able to turn the page of this first chapter.

In the past, restaurants, hotels, and cafes were allowed to reopen, but with certain restrictions, with some regions still being excluded. However, Sunday’s announcement has also spread to regions like Paris that are severely affected by this virus.

Mr. Macron also said that schools will resume from June 22, except for high schools and also confirmed that the second round of local elections, originally scheduled for March, will now be postponed on June 28.

Although the country will now appreciate some additional freedoms that have been restricted in the fight against this COVID-19, the president made it clear that public gatherings are still prohibited because they are the main cause of the spread of the virus.

France is not just the country announcing the lifting of some COVID 19 restrictions in Europe.

And with the European Commission, which encourages European countries to open all restrictions on internal borders, some countries such as Germany, Croatia, Belgium, and Switzerland have already responded.

Although they are not part of the EU but as part of the Schengen Free Zone, they have recalled their civil servants and police officers who have been enforcing travel restrictions.

Elsewhere, Australia announced that the restriction would be lifted on June 16 and we have seen top leagues across Europe resume though behind closed doors.

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