Two NFL players join petition to remove John C. Calhoun’s name from Clemson

Two NFL players join petition to remove John C. Calhoun’s name from Clemson

There is an ongoing petition calling for the alma mater to remove the name of John C. Calhoun from Clemson’s honors college.

A petition that has been supported by two former Clemson Tigers stars and still actively playing in the NFL. They are DeAndre Hopkins, who plays for Arizona Cardinals as a wide receiver, and Deshaun Watson, who plays for Houston Texas as a quarterback.

It’s a move coming from the ongoing protests in the United States following the horrific death of George Floyd’s death, a 46-year old African-American who was killed during an arrest by Minneapolis police officers for allegedly using a counterfeit bill.

Floyd’s pleaded with the officers that he couldn’t breathe, and one of them (Derek Chauvin) kept pressing his knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes until he lost consciousness, and would, later on, be pronounced dead on reaching the hospital.

Such protests have revived the Black Lives Matter slogan that’s now being said by many across the country. There have been cases of police brutality on black people. This comes at a time when the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has affected over 7.3 million people and more than 413 deaths.

The main reason for this petition to remove Calhoun, a former vice president of the United States, from Clemson is the fact that he was more of a proponent of slavery. According to the Clemson’s school website, further reports show that Clemson is built on a Fort Hill plantation on which Calhoun enslaved about 70-80 African-Americans.

Hopkins wrote on Instagram that he wanted to bring up something that has been bothering him for a long time in his community. He stated that Clemson University still honors the name of a well-known slave owner and pro-slavery politician John C. Calhoun on its buildings, signs, and in the name of its honors program.

Hopkins always felt an oppressive figure was present during his time at Clemson, and purposely one could not mention the University’s name before NFL games because of it.

Last February is when there was a student petition calling for the name change at the Calhoun Honor’s College.

Deshaun Watson also supported the petition. He and Hopkins are former Clemson Tigers star, and the two linked up in Houston for close to three seasons before Hopkins was traded to the Cardinals this offseason.

Watson tweeted his support to remove Calhoun’s name by saying that Clemson University should not honor slave owner John C. Calhoun in any way. His name should be removed from all University property and programming. He added that he was joining the students, faculty, and DeAndre to restart this petition to rename the Calhoun Honors College.

Nobody wants to see a particular race – black people being discriminated against and killed by the police who are meant to serve and protect. That’s why the protests are happening to push the Black Lives Matter and have more black people living with no fear of meeting their deaths from other white people or through police brutality.

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