US Democrats bill sweeping legislation to Reform American Police

US Democrats bill sweeping legislation to Reform American Police

The US Democrats have proposed a bill to reform the US police force. This follows a series of protests, not only in America but also internationally, over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black American who died after the white police knelt on his neck for a few minutes.

If the bill passes into the law, it means that the police will be prosecuted if misconduct is found. The chokeholds are also banned and racism is also scrutinized.

It will also force the federal police to have body and dashboard cameras, and eliminate unannounced police raids identified as no-knock warrants. This will make it easier to hold the police responsible for violations of civil rights and calls for federal funds to be withheld from local police forces who are not implementing similar reforms.

Floyd’s death, masked police brutality and racism in Minneapolis, and several lawmakers vowed to disband the city police. The bill is aimed to force some changes and reforms in the police force.

However, it is still unclear whether the Republicans, who are many in the U.S. Senate, will support this bill.

 The billing, Justice in Police Act 2020, was introduced on Monday by Nancy Pelosi, a speaker in the Democratic House of Legislators, along with Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate minority.

During the bill, Mr. Pelosi read the names of black men and women who have died in the hands of the police in recent years.

Ms. Pelosi said that the martyrdom of George Floyd gave American experience a moment of national anguish, as the killing of black American by police brutality is grieved.

She added that the national anguish movement would be transformed into a national action movement.

The bill makes lynching a federal crime, restricts the sale of military weapons to the police, and empowers the Department of Justice to investigate state and local police for evidence of division-wide bias or misconduct.

It would also create a “National Police Misconduct Register”, which will be a database of complaints against the police.

Some Republican leaders said they would consider the possibility of writing their bill. A hearing in the Senate Justice Committee is planned for next week.

However, President Trump’s party members have been largely reluctant to signal support for the bill.

On Sunday, Republican Senator Mitt Romney tweeted pictures of himself marching to the Whitehouse with Christian demonstrators, with a caption black live matters.

The call to disband the police in Minneapolis is largely symbolic at this time but could indicate that extensive changes with or without federal leadership are a very real possibility.

This could be the start of a series of local police reform experiments that take very different forms in different parts of the United States.

However, there will certainly be a lot of heated rhetoric from national politicians during the presidential election, but the real change could come from local officials who are directly accountable to voters in the areas where the biggest protests have taken place.

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