US President plans to withdraw some troops from Germany

US President plans to withdraw some troops from Germany

The United States plans to remove a third of its troops from Germany. On Friday, former US officials said approximately 25 percent of the troops would be withdrawn from Germany.

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper have approved the new cap. This now implies that American troops in Germany will be limited to 25,000, according to a senior official who has some knowledge in the decision.

The news has startled German officials and many other American military leaders across Europe. But the move is in line with Mr. Trump’s America First, the vision of limited U.S. overseas operations, and his insistence that allies must bear more of the burden of their defense.

At the moment it is not clear whether the move will come with the hope that the US President will reconsider the decision. Although this will be something that will make Russian President Vladimir V. Putin smile because he was anxious to see US military presence on the continent wane, many are considering cutting back on the force, could undermine an Atlantic alliance.

Trump has also complained about the cost of protecting the U.S. allies in the North Atlantic Treaty. He once picked out Germany, which he called wealth, but spent relatively little on his defense, but former officials and analysts argued that it was harming American interests. Though Trump has complained about the burden sharing, but US military spending in Europe has increased.

Frederick B. Hodges, a retired lieutenant general and former top American army commander in Europe said that US troops in Germany are not meant to protect the country, but for the benefit of the United States. He added that the decision does not appear to be tied to any strategy.

There are currently more American troops in Germany than in countries other than Japan. In Germany, US troops are operating the military hospital on the Ramstein training grounds, which had previously been used by the Atlantic Alliance.

They also offer ground forces to strengthen allies across Europe and beyond, as well as a legacy that discourages Russian aggression.

According to a former Department of Defense official, the cut will also incorporate Army support units and an Air Force F-16 squadron.

If the attempt to cut the troops comes about, it will be the largest in Mr. Trump’s term. It will also be a larger cut in the armed forces in Germany.

The United States began to rebuild its armed forces across Europe in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. However, General Hodges and some other analysts see that Russia had made no steps to lessen its aggressive stance across Europe, which would justify a reduced American presence.

The withdrawal of the troops is welcomed in Moscow as another sign of the division of the Atlantic Alliance and the waning American interest in global leadership. While the withdrawal should not directly affect NATO’s deterrent forces in Poland and the Baltic States, the withdrawal will make American military logistics and preparedness more difficult.

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