The UK makes masks mandatory on buses

The UK makes masks mandatory on buses

The UK is still fighting the contagious virus that has killed over 393,239 people worldwide with over 6,704,152 cases reported across the six earth continents.

Only in the UK, over 281,661 cases with 39,904 deaths have been reported. In the last 24 hours, they reported new 1,805 cases and 176 deaths. This implies that they are still not behind this world pandemic that is shaking the world economy.

To further restrict the spread, the government has prescribed the wearing of face masks in public transport.

Although the country is working to slowly ease coronavirus lockdown, face-covering will be mandatory for public transportation across England from June 15th.

Passengers who come on board without a face mask will not be admitted. If allowed, they will be asked to get off at the next stop.

The UK traffic police have been granted powers and can now immediately fine those who violate the directive. However, small children, people with disabilities, and people with breathing problems are excluded.

Before the announcement, masks for public transport across Europe were just a suggestion. However, the masks have been reported to help reduce the spread of this highly infectious virus, which causes breathing problems.

With more and more data suggesting that facial coverage effectively reduces spread, many governments around the world have enforced the directive.

And now the UK is new to make it mandatory for all public transportation, and it’s ideal, especially given the number of businesses and schools reopened. The cases are expected to be on the rise again.

During a briefing at Downing Street on Thursday, Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said that people in England will now be required to have face wear while using public transportation. This serves to protect them and other passengers on board.

He went on to say that although the masks are now mandatory for public transport, this does not mean that passengers must have surgical masks. One can use a face covering that is easy to make at home. This means that DIY face covering, scarf, or thin cloth mask can be used.

He added that the directive has already been enforced in other countries and the UK must also ensure that all precautions are taken on trains, buses, airplanes, and ferries, the means of transport that many people use.

He also made it clear that anyone who does not abide by it, will not be allowed to board and can be fined as well.

Mr. Shapps also said the policy coincides with the expected reopening of non-essential stores, including electronic retailers and department stores.

The transport minister also said that maintaining a two-meter apart guideline on public transport is a challenge because many people crowd when returning from work. But he said that public transport would be expanded with additional trains, buses, and subways. This will reduce the overcrowding of passengers. He also encouraged those who work from home to continue to do so.

Research has confirmed that covering the mouth and nose lowers the risk of asymptomatic patients who show no symptoms but infect others.

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