Fiji announces free of COVID-19

Fiji announces free of COVID-19

It is an expectation of every citizen in many countries around the world who has been shaken by this contagious virus to hear the same announcement as in Fiji.

Since the first case was reported in Wuhan China last year and about seven months later, over 6,704,152 cases and 393,239 deaths have been reported worldwide, according to global data from worldometers.

Fiji, which had only 18 confirmed cases, declared itself free of COVID-19 this Friday. All active cases have received the all-clear, and this has made the country enter a record of successful countries against the virus, not just on the Pacific continent, but around the world.

As in any other country, there was a panic when the first case in that country, with approximately 896,445 inhabitants, was confirmed.

From mid-March, when the first case was announced, there were strict isolation measures and border controls that kept infection control up to a maximum of 18 years.

This is what many countries and nations have longed for, including China, the source of the outbreak. Over 83,027 cases with 4,634 deaths were reported in the country.

On Friday, China reported five new cases that were said to be imported by Chinese citizens who returned from abroad. However, no new deaths were reported that prolonged weeks of no new deaths.

America has surpassed the world in both cases and deaths. Across the country, over 1,924,189 cases with 110,179 deaths have been reported.

It is expected that the total number of cases and deaths will surge amid the prevailing protests against the death of George Floyd, a black American who died in police custody.

In the protests that have expanded internationally, many participants do not adhere to the COVID 19 dissemination guidelines, such as social distancing and wearing face coverings.

For Fiji, it is a prayer answered according to its Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama who also regarded the announcement as a result of, hard work, and confirmation of science.

The minister said that even though COVID-19 tests in the countries had increased, there have been no new cases in the last 45 days since they last recorded the COVID-19 case.

The country also saw a 100% recovery as no deaths occurred in the reported cases.

The US Ambassador to Fiji, Joseph Cella, thanked the Prime Minister and the entire team for acting quickly, decisively and strongly against the spread of the virus, which is a problem in many countries around the world today.

The Pacific Island used to be the world’s most affected by COVID-19. Many experts believed that underserved health in fractures and the high rate of existing health conditions such as diabetes and heart complications, together with COVID, would lead to death.

There were also fears that the isolated island would turn out to be an incubator, as was observed in a measles epidemic in Samoa that killed 83 people last year.

However, this is currently not the case. The nations on this island have acted quickly, including costly choices such as sealing their borders and closing the tourist business.

As a result, many nations on the island have not yet registered a single case and their population remains protected.

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