Thousands gather in the United States to protest amid COVID 19 risk

Thousands gather in the United States to protest amid COVID 19 risk

In the United States, there are demonstrations over police brutality, and thousands of people have been seen marching, singing, as well as screaming on the streets in a confined space. Others coughed after being shot by tear gas. This has raised concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

The demonstrations come at the time when new coronaviruses in the United States, the most affected country in the world, continues to decline after the peak in mid-April and that the states are partially reopening their economies.

Many experts are now saying that the demonstrators have neglected the risk of COVID-19, a contagious virus that is still a struggle in America itself and other countries around the world.

While the police are also attacking them with tear gas and rubber bullets, the demonstrators risk not only the spread of COVID-19 but also other stress-related illnesses, from cancer to heart failure.

It’s been ten days since George Floyd, a black American, died after a white policeman named Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for about nine minutes. The incident triggered a wave of protests not only in the country but even worldwide.

Ebony Hilton, who works as a physician at the University of Virginia and is a black American, has highlighted the current situation across the country as a threat from two pandemics: police brutality and COVID-19.

He said we should expect corona cases to increase as demonstrators do not abide by mitigation guidelines such as social distance and the use of a face mask.

He added that the police sprayed demonstrators with pepper, causing coughing, increasing the risk of the virus spreading. Many also do not wear safety glasses and the virus can still spread through the eyes.

The anti-riot police fired tear-inducing pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd. These substances have an intense burning effect.

Still, Hilton said that why people take risks should be contextualized.

This is because they want justice for Floyd, but they also want to show that the police are a threat to public health.

A 2019 study found that black men were 2.5 times more possibly to be murdered by the police than their white counterparts.

The paper’s lead author, Frank Edwards, said there is ample evidence that the police pose a threat to public health in the United States.

Derived from media reports and official data, Mr. Edward and his team estimated that 1,000 male black births resulted in police deaths.

Police violence is the leading cause of death in black American men aged 20 to 29 who have cancer only.

The problem is not only the high-profile deaths that are spreading the news but also the psychological stress on African-Americans who are under constant attack by the police.

Although there has been a decree across the country on new cases associated with the warmer summer, the situation is expected to change from what is observed on the streets where people are marching shoulder to shoulder neglecting all the coronavirus prevention guidelines.

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