Desean Jackson Suggests Players Should Be Mic’d Up in 2020 If No Fans Present in Stadiums

Desean Jackson Suggests Players Should Be Mic’d Up in 2020 If No Fans Present in Stadiums

DeSean Jackson, who plays as a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has a crazy idea if NFL games will be played behind closed doors and no fans allowed in the stadiums because of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Jackson wants NFL to put a microphone on every player on the field during NFL games in 2020. This comes when the world is continuing to battle coronavirus, where the total cases stand at over 6.3 million and more than 377k deaths.

The NFL is not sure how the regular season will look in 2020 because they will need to maintain precautions and follow all government directive measures to counteract the spread of this deadly virus.

The league is still planning for a timely start after the potential opening of training camps. But there are many challenges to pass through before the hopes of seeing NFL games resume anytime soon. Also, there are few discussions on whether if the season returns, can we expect to see fans allowed in stadiums.

Knowing very well, one of the measures of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 is social distancing and avoiding gatherings. So far, several states have started reopening their training camps and other businesses but with great precautions to prohibit large crowds.

As September approaches and the coronavirus is still wreaking havoc in the world, it will mean that NFL games will be played in empty stadiums around the league.

That’s why DeSean Jackson has suggested an idea that can still entertain folks watching NFL games at home. However, there are rumors that teams might consider piping fake crowd noises to maintain the usual match atmosphere.

Jackson was talking with his teammate Lane Johnsons from his series called Outside the Lane. He suggested the NFL use the idea of attaching a microphone to every player on the field.

Jackson told Lane that it would get crazy enough without fans in the stadiums, and he thinks that they should mic up players. According to him, such a move will give fans an insight to see what goes on between the white lines. It will create an epic and crazy moment for players as well as fans.

He added that in the trenches, it always gets crazy. It’s still crazy on the outside because of all the conversations going back and forth between the players.

DeSean Jackson’s idea has not been accepted openly by many other people. Kirk Cousins stated that playing on empty stadiums would be refreshing and provide a breath of fresh air. Melvin Gordon also said that most teams were accustomed to playing in empty stadiums as not many fans even showed up.

No NFL owner or player would envy playing in an empty home stadium as it will cause a massive loss of revenue, and the games won’t have the same spirit. Jackson’s ideas look like the only play card for the NFL to adapt to if they want to bring more fans closer to the game and feel at home.

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