George Floyd’s death triggers worldwide protests

George Floyd’s death triggers worldwide protests

George Floyd’s death, after being kneeled on the sidewalk by a Minneapolis police officer, has not only sparked demos in the United States but has escalated internationally. It has been reported that crowds have joined protests against racism in various global cities.

A video recorded during the scene saw an officer identified as Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd on the sidewalk by kneeling on his neck during an arrest operation.

The video went viral last Monday and protests took place in Minneapolis the following Tuesday.

These protests led to the dismissal of the Chauvin, the officer in the video, and three other police officers.

Chauvin was arrested on Friday and charged with third-degree murder. But the fact is that it wasn’t enough when the protests continued. And on Saturday, just one day after the Chauvin indictment, protests were reported internationally in major cities such as Toronto, London, and Berlin.

In UK thousands of people marched through Manchester city center and sang black lives.

Likewise, thousands of people gathered in London to protest the murder of Floyd, an unarmed black American by the police. Justice for George Floyd was maintained in the crowd, according to signs. They gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy in Trafalgar Square in Battersea.

The same Saturday, demonstrators were also seen marching through the streets of Peckham, a neighborhood that is home to generations of rapidly growing African and Caribbean immigrant communities.

The same protests extended to Sunday afternoon and took another frame where attendees knelt for Floyd. Even those who did not come to Trafalgar Square were encouraged to kneel in their respective locations to show solidarity in demanding justice for George Floyd’s death.

Many of the demonstrators carried signs saying justice for Floyd as well I can’t breathe, and they moved from Trafalgar Square to the gates of Downing Street. Others protested in front of the US embassy.

Further peaceful protests are planned for June 3rd, 6th, and 7th in Hyde Park, Parliament Square, and the US Embassy respectively. However, none of these protests came from the official British group Black Lives Matter, who said they were still discussing “the effects of a mass march in the middle of a pandemic that kills us the most”.

The protesters in the UK seemed to be violating the coronavirus mitigation rules with some attendees not abide by the 2 m rule.

In Berlin, demonstrators also gathered in front of the US embassy on Pariser Platz. Participants also carried signs, black life stuff, and justice for George Floyd.

Protests have also been reported in Toronto, Canada. It is said that a crowd of over 4,000 people was seen marching in protest against racism.

Further protests are expected this week as more activists around the world plan their demonstrations to march against racism and police brutality.

Although many are now concerned about the whereabouts of bystanders who recorded and leaked the video, it has now caused the whole world to worry. It’s just one of the revelations of how the police brutalized citizens because of their race.

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