Former NFL Executive Believes Colin Kaepernick Knee Protest Impacted His Career

Former NFL Executive Believes Colin Kaepernick Knee Protest Impacted His Career

Colin Kaepernick is currently a free agent after playing as a quarterback for San Francisco 49ers in six seasons between 2011 and 2016.

At the moment, Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL for close to three years. A former executive believes that his decision for the knee protest on police brutality towards black people may have significantly impacted his career.

This comes at a time when there are protests in Minnesota and most parts of the USA amid the COVID-19 outbreak. And it’s after the death of George Floyd. He was pinned down with a knee on his neck by a Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, even after pleading that he couldn’t breathe before he was taken by an ambulance and later on declared dead.

The officer has since then been charged with murder and manslaughter and awaiting a court ruling. Now, this has brought the comparison between George Floyd’s incident and Kaepernick’s knee protest against police brutality.

Protests in the USA and globally have now to decide on which of these two knee incidents to support. One involves pressing on the back of a black man’s neck, and one is protesting in the grass. NFL owners may have chosen the knee on the neck, but with protests going on they may decide to exonerate Kaepernick for his knee protest.

Joe Lockhart, the former NFL VP of communications, has come out to declare how Kaepernick’s knee protest may have created a social justice conversation around the league, and such action shocked most NFL team owners.

Lockhart added that no team wanted to sign a player like Kaepernick because they wanted to avoid such controversy surrounding that situation, and he was declared bad for business.

However, Kaepernick’s protest has now been seen to be of essence and something to follow up after the death of black man, George Floyd as Minneapolis police were apprehending him.

Floyd’s sudden death by a police officer’s knee on his neck has been on the national spotlight and has sparked many reactions and protests from athletes and many other people in multiple cities across the USA.

Kaepernick’s knee protest during the national anthem started in the 2016 NFL preseason and continued until 2017 when President Trump criticized NFL players who followed suit. Trump called for NFL owners to fire players who protested the anthem.

2017 was a lousy career year for Kaepernick since no team wanted to sign him because of the worry on the financial impact it could have on the team if they signed him.

Lockhart defended NFL teams by saying that no team was willing to take the risk to sign Kaepernick as it was considered a bad image for their business, and owners were not going to take such a risk.

Collin’s Kaepernick has since then become the symbol of black men who face brutality or are treated differently than white men in America.

Lockhart has now called for a change following Floyd’s death to have teams such as the Vikings, located in Minnesota, offering Kaepernick a contract.

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