Trump disagrees with scientists over coronavirus findings

Trump disagrees with scientists over coronavirus findings

Over 1,633,639 coronavirus cases and 97,169 deaths have been registered across America. However, the country is working to reopen its economy, which has been declining due to covid-19 mitigation measures.

The country is yet to show full dominance over the coronavirus, but Trump is pushing to reopen the country. The president has been warned by several scientists that he is moving too quickly to overturn some of the mitigation measures. But has hit on those scientists whose conclusions he dislikes.

Mr. Trump has quashed some of the scientific researches. In one occurrence, the president described one of the studies as the enemy of the declaration and another was described as a political hit.

Earlier this week, Trump denied some of the results and suggested that their authors have been politically motivated, and their finding were only to undermine his efforts to remove the COVID 19 restrictions.

For the most part, Trump disagreed with scientists about Hydroxychloroquine, the drug used to treat malaria. Trump and his allies have advocated the drug as a panacea for COVID-19.

A study funded by his government raised more concern because the results showed that COVID-19 patients who received the drug had a higher mortality rate.

Also, Trump announced this week that he has been taking the drug in advance to suppress possible exposure to the coronavirus, which was contrary to the FDA’s instructions on how to use this malaria drug. It has been advised in the past month that the drug can only be used in the hospital as it has a certain risk of serious side effects such as heart problems.

Trump labeled the research which has shown that there is a higher mortality rate in COVID-19 patients taking Hydroxychloroquine, that it only based on those who are old or in very critical condition.

A major concern is that another study which was to demonstrate the effectiveness of this antimalarial drug worldwide, resulted in the same, with those taking the drug having a significantly higher risk of death.

Mr. President also scourged a Columbia University study. The study found that more than 61 percent of COVID-19 infections and 55 percent of all reported deaths could have been prevented if social distance rules had been done a week earlier.

This implies that social distancing practices are actually effective and slow the spread of this highly infectious virus.

But Trump, who has repeatedly defended his entire government of having been acted quickly and swiftly against the virus, said the results were politically hit job.

Overall, at a time when there is no scientific evidence of an effective cure or vaccine, it is particularly dangerous for Trump to undermine American confidence in the integrity and objectivity of scientists.

In such a world pandemic, the public relies heavily on its leaders to issue guidelines that ensure everyone’s safety. But in the case of Trump, who seems like politicizing science, excluding health professionals, it can cause confusion and fear in the public.

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