The UK COVID-19 contact tracing strategy running out of time

The UK COVID-19 contact tracing strategy running out of time

UK is still battling the coronavirus with over 248,293 positive cases confirmed across the country.

The NHS officials have warned that the time is running out to complete the contact tracing strategy, which would mean a possible second surge in coronavirus cases.

The federal government has warned that it can have serious consequences for employees and patients if the right system is not set up quickly. It was also not time to relax the lockdown measures until a clear plan had been adopted.

The Prime Minister agreed on Wednesday to launch a leading global tracing and tracing strategy across the country from June.

The strategy identifies those who may have come into contact with an infected person to avoid spreading the disease to others.

General Director of the Confederation, Niall Dickson, welcomed Boris Johnson’s promise.

In a letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Dickson said that without a clear strategy, Britain would be at higher risk for a second peak of the virus.

The country is in the tenth week of the pandemic and, according to Mr. Dickson, a well-developed strategy should have been implemented earlier.

He said that instigating the right system quickly, involving the right people, and the ramifications for the NHS, including its staff and patients, could be serious.

Mr. Johnson confirmed on Wednesday that by June 1, there will be approximately 25,000 contact tracers that can be used to track 10,000 new cases a day.

It coincides with the earliest possible gradual reopening of schools and non-essential businesses in England.

One of the government’s leading scientific advisors previously said that an effective tracking system must be in place before the lockdown restrictions can be changed.

From this letter, it appears that, despite all rhetoric, the NHS Confederation does not yet believe that the government has a solid plan for virus testing and tracing contacts of those infected.

Even after the Prime Minister said that such a program would be in place by June 1 with 25,000 contact tracers appointed.

A widespread test and traceability system is seen as a requirement if the lockdown restrictions are to be further relaxed, including the reopening of schools.

In the UK, COVID-19 tracing has been placing since the first two cases were identified in late January.

But it was stopped in mid-March after England’s chief physician, Prof. Chris Witty, negated the need to identify each case.

UK is not only the country to employ contact tracing. There is currently a contact tracking strategy in several countries around the world that aims to slow the spread of these infectious diseases. Hong ng, Singapore and Germany are already in the system.

A telephone contact tracing system already exists in Northern Ireland, while the Scottish government is currently testing one. The Welsh government wants its program to be operational by the end of May.

In the system, the infected person lists all contacts that can later be tracked down by phone or email. Other countries even use a location tracking mobile app to track contacts.

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