The first COVID-19 vaccine test in US sparks hopes

The first COVID-19 vaccine test in US sparks hopes

The world is still waiting for anyone to spread the news that a long-awaited vaccine against the infectious virus has been found, which has manifested itself in over 4,911,743 positive cases and over 320,454 deaths worldwide by now.

There was some hope, starting in China and the UK, but nothing has hit the headlines yet.

The United States is one of the countries trying to find the solution to this novel COVID-19 that has brought the world to a standstill. They are working on something that can raise hopes among people on planet Earth.

All in all, many people are now overwhelmed by the daily news, conversations and focus that is only on this virus. But as it looks and based on early data from one of the first COVID-19 vaccine tests in the United States, there is something that people should smile about.

The first test showed that the vaccine in question produced a protective antibody after it was administered to a small group of healthy volunteers. This has been confirmed by Moderna Inc., the manufacturer of this vaccine.
The conclusion is said to have been derived from the eight people who volunteered to participate in the safe process that has been underway since March.

The study included 45 volunteers, according to the National Institute of Allergy. But only 8 of them were injected with the vaccine that produced protective antibodies.

These antibodies produced are consistent with those produced by those infected and recovered with COVID-19.

The study, which was not intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine, offered an early glimmer of hope that it could protect against the virus.

Scientists are still trying to understand how much antibody ultimately turns out to be protection against the coronavirus and how long this protection lasts.

The vaccine also showed some response to dosing, as those people who were given higher amountdeveloped higher levels of antibodies.

The Moderna vaccine received the go-ahead to begin the second phase which was to involve human in the testing, and  U.S. regulators have given the vaccine “Fast Track” status to accelerate regulatory review.

Moderna’s chief executive officer, Stephane Bancel, said the company is investing in scaling manufacturing to maximize and produce the number of cans to protect as many people as possible.

There are currently no approved treatments or vaccines for COVID-19 since the outbreak at the end of last year. Even more worrying is what experts predict that it will take a year for the vaccine to prove effective.

And the Moderna vaccine, which has already signed a contract with the drug manufacturer Lonza Group AG and the US government to produce large quantities of its vaccine and has passed the first study, means positive expectations.

 In these early stages, the vaccine was also approved as generally safe and well tolerated. No serious side effects were reported in the test either. There was only one person who developed redness at the time of the injection which is non-worrying.

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