The world expects the COVID-19 vaccine in about a year

The world expects the COVID-19 vaccine in about a year

Given the current global pandemic that has brought many businesses to a standstill, several companies, research institutes, and countries have joined a race for finding a vaccine or an effective treatment.

Although many other groups are trying to find a solution, there is currently no proven treatment. It has been almost six months since the first case was reported in Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, at the end of last year. The virus is no longer the Chinese virus as it has spread across the entire world. There are over 4,489,460 cases and 301,024 deaths that have been confirmed on different continents around the world.

And the world is now the craving for an immediate solution to save the economy, which is sucking under various mitigation measures that have been imposed to curb the spread of this contagious virus. The education, tourism, and sports sector have also seen an enormous impact.

But it was a surprise, from what the EU agency claims that the possible coronavirus vaccine should be expected after one year at the earliest.

The European Union announced on Thursday that a possible coronavirus vaccine could be confirmed in about a year.

The agency fears that there are not enough supplies, even though the world is hurrying to develop the vaccine.

EMA vaccine director Marco Cavaleri said the European Medicine Agency, in communication with 33 developers, has done everything possible to speed up the approval process. However, it could be ready in September at the earliest.

While confirming this to the journalist, he added that vaccine development must start from scratch and should be optimistic for about a year from now on, which implies that the vaccine could be ready by 2021.

Though the world longs for an immediate solution, he dismissed the likelihood of skipping the third phase of the vaccine trials. The step is required to ensure that the vaccine being developed is safe and effective.

EMA is monitoring 115 different therapeutics or treatments for COVID-19 and Cavaleri said some of them could be approved in Europe this summer. However, he did not specify which one.

There were signs that the EU is concerned about being left behind in the race for the vaccine. This can be deduced from statements by a leading EU legislator that the union should circumvent the pharmaceutical company’s intellectual property rights if a vaccine is developed outside the block.

Peter Liese, a prominent member of the Christian Democratic Ion (CDU) in Germany, said that when a vaccine is first developed outside Europe, everything should be done to ensure that it is available to all other countries.

He added that dialogue and collaboration are counted, but it was also expected that others could refuse to do so and Plan B was needed.

The EU has raised $8 billion in its global funding campaign to be used to research, manufacture, and distribute a potential vaccine and treatment for COVID-19.

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