Attackers kill 24 in the Afghan maternity ward

Attackers kill 24 in the Afghan maternity ward

The murders of 24 women and young children in the maternity ward in the Afghan capital were terrible enough. But when Frederic Bonnot, program director of Medicin Sans Frontier in Afghanistan, discovered his way through the maternity ward, which was plagued by snails, he understood something else.

The attackers had passed various wards, all closer to the passage to Kabul’s Dasht-e-Barchi clinic, and went straight to the maternity ward.

For him that meant something: it was not a mix-up. He said that what he found in parenthood was a deliberate shooting of the mother. They came to murder the mothers as they strolled around the room while parenting and efficiently shot women into their beds.

An observer said three well-equipped men were moving within the emergency clinic’s partition walls through the 55-bed maternity ward that MSF has been working on since 2014.

A total of 26 mothers were in the house. Ten found out how to escape to safe rooms. The other 16 were not very lucky.

Three of the 16 mothers were shot together with their unborn children in the transport room.

A lady, just called Khadija, also told how one of the equipped men pointed his gun at her before pointing it at two others.

The firefight between the attackers and the Afghan security forces lasted four hours, and the same number of patients and maternity staff were hiding. The equipped men were totally slaughtered.

During these hours, there was a mother in labor. A midwife who spoke about the state of namelessness revealed how the lady who was looking for a cover with her in the protected room was received as she tried not to make any noise.

The midwife said that they had to use bare hands during the activity as there was nothing in the room except for handkerchiefs and scarves.

He included that after the child was conceived, they cut the umbilical cord with their hands and wrapped the child and mother in headscarves.

Frederic Bonnot described how people in the security rooms could possibly be listening when explosions and shots ricocheted around the building.

When they were finished, they discovered partition walls covered with gunfire, blood on the floors in the rooms, copied vehicles, and broken windows.

Bonnot said it was breathtaking, even though the region had previously experienced attacks, no one can imagine how they would attack a maternity ward.

The facts show that Afghanistan is used to seeing the wickedness that the rest of the world cannot imagine. A BBC review a year ago found that 74 men, women, and children were killed every day in August.

The murders come when the nation should actually move towards harmony talks.

The US has reached an agreement with the Taliban activist gathered in February to end an 18-year struggle that has struck will remain a question of why the attackers targeted mothers. However, it all about terrorism and these attackers may be having hidden intent behind the attack.

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