US claims China attempting to steal COVID-19 vaccine research

US claims China attempting to steal COVID-19 vaccine research

Dozens of companies, institutes, and countries around the world have joined the race to develop a vaccine that could stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has now killed over 296,089 people worldwide.

Many other groups are researching treatments for infected patients. There is currently no proven treatment after five months down since the outbreak of this current world pandemic, late last year in China.

In the struggle to be the first to deliver the solution that the world raves about, the US surprised the world by claiming that China is trying to steal its COVID-19 vaccine results and related research.

On Wednesday, the U.S. authorities warned their health and science researchers that Chinese hackers are trying to interfere in the system and steal valuable research, intellectual property related to the COVID-19 vaccine, and its treatments.

The hackers’ target organizations that research the disease. They have been observed to attempt to identify and illegally obtain valuable intellectual property and public health data related to vaccines, treatment, and testing from networks and individuals related to COVID-19 related research.

These poses a significant threat to countries’ response to COVID-19.

However, in the claims, they gave no evidence or examples of how Beijing or China are trying to steal their COVID-19 vaccine research.

All organizations researching the COVID-19 vaccine have been asked to maintain high cybersecurity in addition to insider threat practices to mitigate the possibility of theft of COVID-19 related content.

Earlier, on Monday, it was reported that the FBI had to publish the hacking warning in vaccine research.

When asked about the warning report, U.S. President Donald Trump said China was nothing new and that he was not happy with China at all.

The president added that the situation was being closely monitored.

In response to the allegations, State Department spokesman Zhao Lijian denied the allegation, claiming that China, as its norm, rejects all cyber-attacks.

The spokesman added that China is the world leader in Covid-19 treatment and vaccine research, and it is immoral to attack China with rumors or slander when there is no evidence.

Wednesday’s warning complements other series of warnings and reports that the U.S. has released accusing government hackers. Previously, there was a warning that hackers purportedly from Iran, the North, China, and Russia were maliciously trying to gain system access in the U.S. to damage the content of the coronavirus pandemic, and providing false information to targeted workers and relay scientists.

The U.S. administrators have long been lamenting that China hacked and stole academic as well as economic data that they have used to strengthen its economy. This warning comes in the face of growing tensions between the two nations over the causes of the outbreak and China’s first response.

The United States is not the only country to warn hackers. Last week, the UK also warned of cyberattacks on health professionals involved in the response to coronaviruses. They said hackers tried to access the account with commonly used passwords. These hackers were targeting the health authorities and medical research organizations.

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