China president concerned about coronavirus outbreak in North Korea

China president concerned about coronavirus outbreak in North Korea

China’s President Xi Jimping expressed concern about the Coronavirus outbreak in North Korea and expressed its willingness to help.

The President had received a message from North Korean President Kim Jong-un. Chinese state media reported that the news was congratulations to China’s president for explicitly handling the COVID-19.

While the novel coronavirus has been reported in over 200 countries around the world, the North Korean government claims that there is no single case within the country. However, many analysts have questioned and interrogated how it can be possible with such a highly contagious virus that has manifested itself in over 4 million positive cases on different continents.

Although no one knows what is going to happen to a fragile health care system in the country, many experts have expressed concern about what would happen in a presence of even a small outbreak of this pandemic that brought the world to a standstill.

In the verbal message, Mr. Xi also thanked the North Korean President for the help he offered during the peak of the pandemic in China. He also called for further efforts to strengthen cooperation in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

He also added that China was ready to support North Korea but as part of its ability to fight COVID-19, which has killed over 277,000 people worldwide.

North Korea’s president has just reappeared after 20 days of absenting from public appearance to an extent of even missing the anniversary celebration of his grandfather, the founder of the nation for the first time since ascending to power.

There have been rumors on the Internet that the world’s most feared leader was seriously ill or even dead. The rumors were first canceled by the South Korean intelligence system, which told the parliamentary committee that the most feared leader in the world was neither sick nor dead.

The world market leader, who reappeared on May 2, was contacting government businesses as usually even on hibernation.

There have also been rumors that his absence may be due to an outbreak of the coronavirus, lawmaker Kim Byung-kee said to reporters.

For months now, North Korea observers have been questioning Pyongyang’s claims that it hasn’t registered any single case of Covid-19.

Though it can be possible because North Korea was the first country to burn international traveling in response to the virus.

Also, some unconfirmed report claims that guards in North Korean have been ordered to shoot down those who are trying to cross the long border that it shares with China. However, it will be a challenge to completely shut the border for a long time. One reason why it can be difficulty is from the fact that North Korea’s underground economy relies on illegal trade that it contacts with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Beijing has some point of interest why it wants to help North Korea. On a practical level, China has to overpower a possible COVID 19 outbreak in case it wants to keep its population healthy. Beijing is also concerned about what could transpire in North Korea if the virus prevails.

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