The US COVID-19 Task Force to focus on reopening the economy

The US COVID-19 Task Force to focus on reopening the economy

US President Donald Trump has confirmed that his COVID-19 task force will now shift the focus towards reopening the economy, which has been closed due to various measures to curb the spread of the contagious virus.

Previously, the president had proposed to disband the group but now has continued the group indefinitely. The group will now work to open the country safely.

Worldwide, over 3,778,252 cases, 261,321 deaths, and 1,275,356 recoveries have been confirmed in more than 200 countries on different continents around the world.

Although it appears that the number of cases is still increasing, some countries around the world have started to gradually reopen their economies.

And the US president and some of his governors are considering the same thing which explain why they have changed the mandate of the virus task force to focus primarily on safe resumption.

However, it is not clear how exactly the task force will change, but the president suggested adding or removing some members.

Trump wants the focus to reopen the economy, but the new daily confirmed cases across the country are now over 20,000. On the other hand, the daily virus-related deaths are over 1,000. This is not an indication that the situation in the country has normalized so that the task force can consider reopening the economy.

In terms of the high unemployment rate, however, this could be the only possible way. Submitted unemployment claims has increased due to this coronavirus. Over 30 million people are said to be unemployed, under various measures to curb the spread of the contagious virus that has closed many businesses.

Although this is the most difficult way for the sake of the economy, many health officials have warned of the move, claiming that it could trigger another wave of infections.

Over 1,244,538 cases have been confirmed in the country and 72,876 people are said to have died after infection, according to the worldometers.

On Wednesday, the President tweeted hailing the task force of doing a fantastic job bringing together huge, highly complex resources.

The president also praised his deputy, Mike Pence, who led the task force and set the standard for other members to follow.

The group consists of medical experts. Since the task was successful in its responsibility, it will not be resolved and will continue to work indefinitely to safely reopen the economy.

Previously, Vice President Mike Pence also confirmed that the White House is considering closing its coronavirus task force in late May. Its responsibilities would then be transferred to subsidiaries.

The demands that the President later backed on Wednesday with the suggestion that group members might change and their priorities will shift.

The reopening of the economy will become a priority before the upcoming re-election and can be another determinant of the fate of the President’s re-election. And if Trump can’t get the nation out of its nosedive soon, his prospects for the November general election appear bleak.

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