US Airlines Make a Requirement for Passengers to Wear Face Masks

US Airlines Make a Requirement for Passengers to Wear Face Masks

As air travelers begin to return to their various states, they must wear a face mask to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that has brought the world to a standstill.

Worldwide 3,592,661 cases have been confirmed in over 200 different countries. The United States has the highest number with 1,191,854 cases.

And those passengers using an airline in the country will find it a requirement to wear face masks. Besides, most domestic airlines may require passengers to have face masks on board for the entire flight.

Many airports are now using devices to screen passenger’s fever. Others have designed their security checkpoints with plexiglass shields between passengers and screeners.

In the country that has reported, over 68,702 coronavirus related cases, now some of its major airlines are requiring passengers to wear face masks on flights to limit the spread of viruses.

Few major airlines in the country have already enforced the rule while others have planned to follow as soon as possible.

It is not only in the USA that flight users are now to wear face masks. Other international airlines around the world have also imposed this.

Airlines to and from the United States have been shut down for fear of infectious COVID-19. Due to the need for many foreign citizens to return to the country, the airline has been reopened with some instructions.

Other airlines around the world are also planning to gradually resume flights this month.

As of this Monday, the U.S. airline Delta has mandated passengers to wear a face mask or other face covers when they are near the checkpoint, premium lounges, boarding gate areas, and throughout the flight.

Another airline that prescribes facial masks for its passengers is American Airlines and United. Any passenger using the line or their cabin crew must now wear face masks. However, they have stated that the measure is temporary as they plan to resume flights slowly.

American Airlines spokesman Kurt Stache said they are working out for their customers. He added that the airline is rapidly driving improvements and will further improve the travel experience of its users and team members.

Maddie King, a spokesman for United Airlines, said face masks are mandatory for all airline users. He added that the airline will provide the face masks to its customers free of charge.

Even though these three major U.S. airlines direct that their passengers must wear masks when boarding or onboard, other airlines do not replicate this.

Qantas, an airline in Australia, said there is no requirement for its passengers to have face masks.

The airline confirmed this on its official website, saying that the risk of getting the virus onboard was low because the social distance has been imposed on all flights.

While different airlines around the world adopts different guidelines in demand of its travelling customers, it is the mandate of institutions like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to issue universal rules.

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