North and South Korea exchange Gunshots within the demilitarized zone

North and South Korea exchange Gunshots within the demilitarized zone

Two days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s reappearance following 20 days of public absence, it has been reported that shots have been exchanged in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that divides these two countries. The zone, which is 155 miles from the border, is the most militarized in the world.

The exchange is believed to have started after a shot believed to have been accidentally fired hit the guard in South Korea within the demilitarized zones that separated these two countries. The South Koreans fired back in response to the shot. The return of the fire was said to be a warning.

No causalities were found in the fire exchange. This has been confirmed by the South Korean military through a brief statement. Military officials in the south also say there are no signs of unusual troop movements.

South Korea has announced that it will contact the north via the military hotline to prevent the situation from escalating. Although it was alleged that the shot was accidental, it is still unclear why the north fired the shots two days after their leader’s reappearance, who had been missing for weeks and sparked speculation about his health.

There was a flood of rumors with unconfirmed news that he was seriously ill after heart surgery. The government of her neighbor, the South Korean, on Sunday said it is unbelievable that Kim had an operation.

There may be a question as to why even this happens only after the North Korean leader’s return. Meanwhile, South Korean news agency Yonhap quoted a government official as saying that the shots were unlikely to have been intentional.

Even if it was an accident or a misjudgment, it shows how critical it is for the militia to keep a balanced head in a well-fortified DMZ to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate significantly.

If it was a more tactical decision by North Korea, it’s a very different matter.

During an interview, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also went so far that the shots were inadvertent. Such incidents across the most fortified border in the world are rare.

The demilitarized inter-Korean border is filled with mines and guards and is staffed by over two million combat-ready troops on both sides.

The exchange of fire was not the first time. These two neighboring countries have occasionally exchanged fire over the years and have been technically at war since 1950.

Overall, the serious shootout between these two countries took place in 2010. This was after the launch of North Korean artillery fire on a South Korean border island, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians. The south reacted with a counterfire on the Korean side.

Also, it is the same year in which the 46 South Korean sailors were killed after their ship sank in the waters near the island and the south described it as a torpedo attack by the north submarine.

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