Kim Jong reappears in public amid speculation about his health

Kim Jong reappears in public amid speculation about his health

North Korean leader Kim Jong has been publicly absent for about 20 days amid speculating circulating about his health.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim Jong attended a ceremony to launch a fertilizer factory in Suncheon. The news adds that he was with other high-ranking officials like Kim Yo Jong.

Kim was seen cutting the ribbon during the ceremony, which followed by a thundering cheer and hurray’s from those who attended the ceremony.

In some authenticated photos posted on a website by Rodong Sinmun, Kim can be seen smiling and speaking to adjutants at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Apart from crowd of workers at the ceremony, Kim wasn’t wearing masks, even though the world faces the contagious coronavirus threat. It was his routine not to wear the face mask, contrary to what everyone around the world is considering in the face of the pandemic.

There has not been a single registered case of COVID-19 in North Korea since its outbreak in China last year, which has been confirmed in over 200 countries worldwide.

An analyst defended why Kim prefers not to wear a mask in public, saying that this shows that he is not vulnerable to his people.

There have been rumors about the North Korean leader’s health, with the Twitter hashtag going viral for him being dead. What led to further speculation is his absence during the birthday party of his late grandfather Kim II. Sung, the most important holiday in the country. Missing this historical event on April 15 was the first time since rising to power in 2011.

The state media, which has only been reporting the whereabouts of the 36 years old leader, decided not to publish even photos during the speculation period. However, they reported that Kim performed routine activities while absenting from public.

The state media reported that Kim sent greetings to the leaders of Syria, Cuba, and South Africa. He also thanked the workers who set up tourist facilities in the coastal city of Wonsan.

Although the world was so concerned about Kim Jong’s health, some downplayed the rumors. The South Korean government repeatedly questioned rumors of the 36-year-old leader.

The President’s office said it had not noticed any unusual signs in North Korea, such as a state of emergency or a reaction from the military or the cabinet. This was a clear sign that Kim was still in charge of state affairs.

It is still unclear why he decided to go missing for weeks. However, it was not for the first time. In 2014, he similarly disappeared from the public eye for almost six weeks. When he reappeared, he was limping and the South Korean spy agency said he had an ankle operation, but this time he showed up smiling.

Trump was also one of the top leaders to downplay the rumors that were circulating on social media. When asked about the KNCNA report about Kim, who reappeared publicly after some time, the US president preferred not to comment.

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