India extends coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

India extends coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

Coronavirus cases are still increasing worldwide, and so it is in India. In this populist world country, over 35,000 cases with 1,154 and 9,068 recoveries have been confirmed nationwide.

In order to curb the spread, India has extended its lockdown for another two weeks. By extending the lockdown, makes it the largest of its kind in the world.

On Friday, when the extension was announced to May 18, the country was situations across the country that were classified in either red, green, or orange zones.

The red zones are hotspots and there will be no easing in the restrictions, but only for the regions with fewer cases. All metropolitan areas have been classified as red zones and will not experience any relaxation under the existing restrictions.

Green zones are areas without confirmed cases for the next 21 days. All zone classifications have been described as “dynamic” and will be updated on a weekly basis according to official information.

Indians have been under lockdown since March 24, and the rate of infection has increased. The sudden nationwide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March left millions stranded across the country.

India has also recorded fewer deaths against registered cases than any other country in the world with many cases.

There has been scrutiny on how India has maintained low mortality rates in many registered cases, with many claiming that the country is under-reporting deaths.

The country, like any other around the world, has experienced an economic decline amid this world pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs due to various measures, such as lockdown, that have been implemented across the country to curb the spread of this novel coronavirus.

In the guideline published on Friday, all air and rail travel is still banned. Moreover, Schools, restaurants, and places of worship remain nationally prohibited.

On Friday, some migrant workers started to return to their home states with specially organized train transport.

Surprisingly, many Indians who are escaping cities to return to their villages amid the existing coronavirus lockdown, it is claimed that some are fleeing from the quarantine has a direction such people leaving the city to village be quarantined for a period before they can freely mingle with villagers.

And while many people from the village come to cities to look for the live hood, amid the current situation, many are now considering going back to villages.

Council buildings and schools were identified as places of quarantine for migrants. Most of them were allowed to go home after being tested for Covid 19 and if the result is negative. But now it is claimed that some are escaping the quarantine centers before they complete the set days.

While India takes the step to extend its lockdown, some countries are deciding the other way round. With still new cases on the confirmation, some countries have decided to ease the lockdown measures for the sake of the declining economy. Italy, Spain, and Germany, the most affected countries in Europe have allowed resumption of some shops.

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