Coronavirus testing in the UK meets the government’s daily target of 100,000

Coronavirus testing in the UK meets the government’s daily target of 100,000

Over 177,454 coronavirus cases have been registered in the UK. Also, it has been confirmed that over 27,510 people have died from the virus.

With these cases and deaths, the country has implemented some restrictions such as stay at home to curb the spread of the virus. However, the restrictions are now undermining the economy and there has been pressure to reopen.

Extensive coronavirus testing was required as one of the plans in the resumption of activities in the UK, and the government set the daily target at 100,000. However, it was reported on Friday that the UK had performed more than 122,000 coronavirus tests meeting the set daily target.  Contrary, to the previous counts, the Friday figures included those from home testing kits.

The daily target of 100,000 was a bold target, according to Hancock, but tests were needed to reopen the economy. He had set up a goal of over 10,000 tests a day in the UK by April 2.

Since the start of the testing program across the country, the test has been kept below 70,000 and it has been a massive upgrade to the 122,347 tests in the period of 24 hours to Friday morning. However, it was claimed that the test was less on other days because people were tested more than once to determine the result.

Friday morning’s numbers included the 27,497 kits that were delivered to people’s homes. It also includes the 12,872 kits that were sent to centers such as hospitals and NHS locations.

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health minister, criticized the numbers and said the government was misleading. He added that it was not the time for quibbling but actually the 39,000 of the provided tests had been posted.

According to the Minister, the publication of the results is not the same as carrying out the tests. However, he estimated that the entire daily test had been increased.

Previously, it was not clear how the tests were counted, but on April 28, the government released a guideline that said the overall tests would be derived after the addition of home tests and satellite tests.

During the daily briefing at Downing Street, Prof. John Newton, a scientist who is advising the government on tests, said that none of the test counting schemes has changed.

Although the headline figures look impressive, it should be due to the hard work done behind the scenes by a partnership between the government, scientists, and the private sector without also forgetting the help of the military.

But on the other hand, it can be said that the government has been not very creative in counting the tests as the counts haven’t been including the home test kits shipped to individuals and satellite kits.

All in all, Mr. Hancock said the next government mission is now to test, track and trace operations and works. Governments plan to ensure that over 18,000 contact tracers are deployed by mid-May.

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