Trump claims China working to undermine his re-election campaign

Trump claims China working to undermine his re-election campaign

Trump claims Beijing is working hard to undermine his re-election campaign. The president accused Beijing of using COVID-19 to undercut his campaign for the general election scheduled in November.

Though, the general election is scheduled this coming November, given the current global pandemic, it is doubtful whether it will be possible.

In one of the interview at Whitehouse, the US President said he is taking the COVID-19 a virus that originated from Wuhan, capital of Hubei, province of China, in another perspective.

The Republican president also accused China of delaying virus response and alerting the United States to the outbreak. He added that China would be more provocative to let the world know that the virus is very contagious.

When asked whether he would enforce some punitive measures against China, such as using tariffs or amortizing debt, Trump did not provide any details.

He just said that there are many things to do and that more focus is only on what happened.

Before the outbreak of this contagious virus in China, these two countries were already at war, which resulted in a billion-dollar tariffs.

However, many think that Trump is trying to shift the blame to China. For a few weeks now, Trump has been blaming China for novel coronavirus   that has claimed over 230,000 lives worldwide, according to worldometers.

In the United States, it has been confirmed that the virus has killed over 62,200 people. The state of New York has confirmed the highest number.

Previously on Tuesday. Mr. President said he would investigate the treatment of the pandemic in China in depth. He added that a serious investigation needs to be carried out as the administration is not satisfied with China and there are many who prove that China is accountable.

Trump previously described COVID-19 as a Chinese virus that triggered a war of words between these two countries. On the other hand, Beijing accused the US military of bringing the virus to Wuhan.

 During the interview in Whitehouse, Trump dismissed recent polls showing that his likely Democratic rival Joe Biden is at the forefront.

Trump said he did not expect the election to be a referendum on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and was surprised to find the former vice president doing well in the polls.

He added that he doesn’t believe in the polls and that US citizens are smart and will not do so as well. However, this contradicted claims that the President angrily called his campaign manager to ask about the latest polls.

During the same interview at the Whitehouse, Trump also said that there is an agreement with South Korea to pay more money to US defense cooperation.

This happened after the president had previously publicly complained and rejected a sum from South Korea for the use of the US armed forces. It has been confirmed that at least 28,000 U.S. military personnel are deployed to South Korea and have claimed up to $5 billion a year from the U.S., five times more than the $896 million agreed in 2019.

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