COVID-19 not genetically engineered

COVID-19 not genetically engineered

Globally, 3,292,966 positive coronavirus cases have been confirmed with 233,163 deaths. It is claimed that only 1,034,773 people have recovered from the virus after infection since its outbreak in the Wuhan market of Hubei province of China late last year, according to worldometers.

Since the outbreak of this contagious virus, there has been blame games between China and the US over who is responsible and who should be held accountable. The US president has accused China of genetically engineering the virus while Beijing on the other accusing the US military of bringing the virus to Wuhan.

Amid this blames, the US intelligence agencies have cleared the air by concluding that the virus is not a man-made or genetically modified. However, they said that they are still examining whether the origin of the pandemic can be traced to contact with infected animals or an accident at a Chinese lab as it has been claimed by different sources.

Donald Trump and his allies have been behind a theory explaining the virus that has brought the world to standstill to have emerged from one lab in Wuhan. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump in an interview at white house said that Covid-19 was a plan by Beijing to undermine his re-election campaign.

All these claims are now null and void after the statement released on Thursday from the office of the Director of National intelligence.

The statement also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not man-made or genetically modified.

It has been also reported that Trump administration has been pressuring intelligence analysts to formulate that the virus emerged in one lab of china.

There has been a concern by intelligence analysts over that pressure to distort their assessment as part of a wider political effort to deflect the blame for the outbreak in the Trump’s re-election campaign.

This is not the first time Trump’s relationship with intelligence got in a rocky state. Since 2016, when Trump claimed that the community worked to undermine his presidential campaign, there has been no transparent relationship.

Though the intelligent community has twisted the story about this novel coronavirus that is now a threat to world’s economy, many scientists have associated the virus with bats.

Even with that, many including Pompeo has pointed fingers at an institute that is run by the chines academy of sciences.

The institute is known for its groundbreaking research that traced the origin of viruses identified as SARS to bat and also showed how it was transmissible to people.

Even though Trump’s administration has been claiming that the virus emerged from one lab in Wuhan, citing that embassy in Beijing flagged concerns about that lab in 2018, there is no evidence that the virus was man-made.

On Thursday, the chines government said, the claims are unfounded and purely fabricated out of nothing.

The foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang citing the institute director, Yuan Zhiming, said the lab in question, strictly implements biosecurity procedures to prevent the release of any pathogen.

Geng also criticized US politicians who claim that China should be held accountable for the world pandemic. He suggested that they should instead concentrate more on controlling the epidemic at home.

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