US coronavirus cases exceed 1 million

US coronavirus cases exceed 1 million

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. and its territories have exceeded 1 million. This is almost a third of the total of 3.1 million cases that have been confirmed worldwide.

Although the country is currently leading in number of confirmed cases, state and national leaders are ready to ease or lift the lockdown measures imposed to curb the spread of the novel virus.

According to Worldometers, over 59,200 people in the country have died from the virus. With increasing testing, the number of cases has doubled in the past 18 years. The country now has 1,035,765 positive cases. About 30 percent of the cases come from the state of New York. Other states, such as New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, have also registered a higher number of cases.

The US president is at the forefront of calls to reopen the country’s economy. During his daily meeting on Monday, Mr. President asked some heads of state to consider opening schools that many citizens across the country want.

The pressure to open schools comes after some states have taken a step to reopening previously closed shops to save the declining economy and increasing unemployment rate. Strict social distancing and widespread home stay orders have resulted in many businesses across the country being closed, which has frozen the economy.

The country has been hit by a record unemployment rate and over 26 million people have applied for unemployment benefit in the past five weeks. It is the largest since the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Some states in the country are already reopening their economy. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Tuesday that his state’s economy would reopen. However, there was opposition from some leaders of large cities like Atlanta, but overall, some businesses that were previously considered to be non-essential and closed were allowed to resume. These include Beauty Parlous, restaurants, and bowling alleys. Though, social distance is still a requirement.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the second-largest economy state in the United States, said the homestay order will expire this Thursday and some business may resume on Friday.

Although some governors are now talking about Trump in the same conversation, experts have warned that the US can only return to an appearance of normality after extensive testing is done. They say that without extensive testing, the country will be at risk of another wave of infection.

Trump and some heads of state were sometimes in a verbal war over tests and the federal government’s general response to the pandemic. States like New York, which have seen higher cases, have accused the government of outbidding them in delivering essential goods such as ventilators and medical face masks that are needed to fight the virus.

On Tuesday, Mr. President signed an executive order requiring meat packaging companies to remain open in the face of increasing reports of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Union leaders have criticized the move, which is believed to alleviate the shortage. Approximately 20 workers in meat factories are believed to have died from COVID-19.

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